How Were You Brought Up?

What type of household were you raised in?

Question 1/10
How often did you hang out with your friends?
Basically every day
A few times a week
Once a week
Very rarely

Question 2/10
Were you ever spanked as a child?
Not at all
Sometimes I did
Of course I did

Question 3/10
How often were you grounded?
At least every week
Every few weeks
At least once a month
Very rarely
I've never been grounded

Question 4/10
Did your parents work often?
They worked every day for hours
They worked normal hours
I have no clue
They never worked

Question 5/10
Did your parents ever divorce or separate while you were with them?
Yes they did
No they didn't

Question 6/10
When did you move out of your house?
At 18 or younger

Question 7/10
Rules at home were:
Set by me
Set in stone
They were pretty relaxed
We had no rules

Question 8/10
When were you allowed to date?
Whenever I chose
Middle school
High school
After school was finished

Question 9/10
Were you able to get your way if you threw a fit?
All the time
Sometimes I was able to get it
I could get it without permission
Not at all

Question 10/10
Do you blame your parents for the way you turned out?
Not at all
Sometimes I do
Yes I do
You didn't adhere by any rules in your household and you did whatever you pleased. You were a bit of a troublemaker and you tended to get into quite a bit of trouble. While you may have came off a bit disrespectful, you still cared for your family. You just didn't care their rules.

You Did What You Wanted
You had parents that could be a bit overprotective at times but only because they loved you. You couldn't do anything without it being found out. You know that whatever you did or said, it would somehow always get back to your parents.

Your Parents Kept An Eye On You
Even though you were probably just a kid, you practically ran the house. Whether it's because your parents were always working or other reasons, you learned responsibility at quite a young age. You learn how to take care of things and you matured quicker than most of your friends.

You Ran The House
You most likely grew up in a household that prided itself on doing the best it could. You lived by rather strict rules and you made sure to follow them well. Your family had high expectations for you and hated to see you fall below those expectations.

Things Were Rather Strict
While you had a rather relaxing atmosphere to your home, you still were raised to treat others with respect. You knew that you had looser rules than other kids but you knew that you had to be polite and respectful to everyone you met.

Your Household Was Relaxed