How Will You Be At Age 70?

You may often wonder just how you're going to be when you reach age 70. Will you be spry and active? Perhaps crotchety and bitter? It's time to find out how you will be at age 70!

Question 1/10
Which cereal would you most likely eat for breakfast?
Raisin Bran
Fruity Pebbles
Honey Bunches of Oats
Lucky Charms

Question 2/10
Which hard candy would we find floating around in your purse?
Jolly Rancher
Werthers Original
Starlight mints

Question 3/10
What would you like to see young people stop doing?
Wearing crop tops
Tweeting so much
Playing video games
Talking back

Question 4/10
What time do you currently go to bed at night?
8 PM
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM
12 AM

Question 5/10
What meal would you order at your local diner?
Fish and chips
Open faced roast beef sandwich
Triple decker club sandwich
Roast chicken

Question 6/10
Which scent can always take you back to childhood?
Fresh cut grass
Chocolate chip cookies

Question 7/10
How many blankets are currently on your couch?
Just one

Question 8/10
Which item would we definitely find in your purse?
Band aids
Breath mints
Lint roller
Portable charger

Question 9/10
How big is your dog?
I don't have a dog
I have a very tiny dog (think Chihuahua )
I have a medium sized dog (think beagle)
I have a big dog (think Golden Retriever)
I have a giant dog (think German Shepherd)

Question 10/10
How often do you use coupons at the store?
Everytme I shop
When I have time
When I need to save some dough
Almost never
At age 70, you're going to be tech savvy and hip! You're not going to let time pass you by, no way, instead you're going to keep up with whatever the kids are doing. You'll be all about the latest tech gadgets, the best music, and the newest movies about to hit the scene.

Tech Savvy And Hip
At age 70, you're going to be active and adventurous. There's no way that you're going to let old age slow you down! In fact, you're going to use your retirement years to do all of the things you could never do when you were younger. From traveling the world to taking big risks, you'll still be living life to the fullest.

Active And Adventurous
At age 70, you're going to be relaxed and fit! Not only are you going to keep yourself in tip top shape and stay active, but you're going to be as cool and relaxed as they come. In your mind, there's nothing to worry about. Life happens whether you're anxious or not. Better to enjoy each and every moment then focus on what could go wrong.

Relaxed And Fit
At age 70, you're going to be easygoing and fulfilled! All of the youthful stresses are over, now it's time to settle into your truest self and focus on you. You'll take up meditation, spend lots of time with family, and mull over what you're truly grateful for in life.

Easygoing And Fulfilled
At age 70, you might just be a bit crotchety and bitter! Hey, it happens to all of us sometimes. Life gets in the way of a good mood and a solid sense of optimism. You may even chase a child or two off of your lawn one day!

Crotchety And Bitter