How Would You Die In A Soap Opera?

Soap opera deaths are as over the top as they come! Death by accidentally falling down an elevator shaft? Done and done. If you were to die in a soap opera, how would you meet your demise? Would you be poisoned by a rival? Kicked by a horse? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
How rich are you?
Not at all
Is this a joke?

Question 2/10
How evil are you?
Not at all

Question 3/10
Do people understand you?
I'd like to think so.
No, I'm very misunderstood.
Yes, I'm easy to understand.
I'm not sure.

Question 4/10
How many professions have you had?
A few
Probably at least 20
A handful
Just one
Zero, who works?

Question 5/10
Could you make a list of all your enemies right now?
Yes, but it'd take a lot of paper.
No, I'm not sure I have any enemies.
I could name a few for sure.

Question 6/10
Is your hair your natural color?
Not for years.
I don't know my natural color.
Yes, it is.
It's close enough.

Question 7/10
What's your signature style?
Lots of diamonds and bling
Anything tight
Comfy classic clothes
New England prep
Edgy chic

Question 8/10
What kind of people do you naturally hate?
Uptight prudes
Goody two shoes
Anyone near my guy
The wealthy

Question 9/10
What time of day is it appropriate to start drinking?
9 AM
10 AM
12 PM
2 PM
5 PM

Question 10/10
How many marriages have you had so far?
Just one
I've lost count
You would meet your soap opera demise via fire poker. Unfortunately, you would have a lot of enemies in a soap opera, leaving you vulnerable to attack. While you would always have an eye on potential hazards, this fire poker would literally hit you out of nowhere.

Killed By A Fire Poker
You would meet your untimely soap opera death at the hands of your doppelganger! Unfortunately, your doppelganger wouldn't be able to handle there being more than one of them in the world. They would stealthily take you out and would likely attempt to assume your identity as well!

Murdered By Your Doppelganger
You would meet your soap opera demise by being poisoned by your ex's new girlfriend! Let's face it, your ex's new beau is on a one way train to crazy town. Though you no longer have any feelings for your ex, this girlfriend wouldn't be able to handle your existence. Watch your wine, there might be poison in there!

Poisoned By Your Ex's New Girlfriend
How would you die in a soap opera? Thrown of a cliff of course! Some people get charming or funny endings, yours would just be downright shocking. Would you be able to come back to life? A rewrite would most likely be in order! Just don't stand too close to any ledges.

Thrown From A Cliff
You would meet your soap opera demise via choking on a doughnut! Hey, at least you're going to go out doing something you love- eating a doughnut. Odds are, you wouldn't go out in a gory or shocking way. Death by doughnut is the humorous ending you deserve.

Choking On A Doughnut