How Would Your Child Describe You In One Word?

As a parent, you likely always wonder what your child really thinks of you. Do you know exactly how your child would describe you in just one word? Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
How many children do you have?
Just one
Two or three
Four or five
Six or more

Question 2/10
Your children are asking for a pet. What do you bring home?
A dog
A cat
A snake
A hamster
A goldfish

Question 3/10
It's a rainy day, how are you entertaining your kids?
I put on a movie and let Disney do the rest
Take them to the movies and then out for ice cream
Plan a day of fun crafts and activities
Have fun puddle jumping in the rain
Remind them that it's important they learn to entertain themselves

Question 4/10
Who does all of the cooking in your house?
I do
My spouse or partner does
It's a 50/50 split
I let the takeout place do the cooking

Question 5/10
Your child doesn't want to go to bed. How do you expedite the process?
Threaten to take something away
Hug them and talk to them
Read them story after story
Weave my own entertaining tale of adventure
Let them cry it out until they get tired

Question 6/10
How did you feel on your kid's first day of school?

Question 7/10
How would your own parents describe you in one word?

Question 8/10
Where do you typically plan your family vacations?
At the beach
In the mountains
At an amusement park
On a cruise
In the city

Question 9/10
How do you comfort your kids when they're having a hard day?
I let them vent while I console them
I get them to forget their woes with humor
I offer to take them out for ice cream
I turn on some music and we dance it out
I talk them through it

Question 10/10
What would your worst enemy say about you?
That I'm bossy
That I'm a perfectionist
That I hover
That I'm over sensitive
That I talk too much
Your child would describe you as nurturing! As a mother, you'd do anything to make sure that your child felt safe, secure, and loved every step of the way. You're selfless and kind, always willing to put aside your own needs to make your child feel loved and cared for.

Your child would describe you as funny! You're almost as youthful and silly as your child is! You love to play, joke around, and have a good time. You don't take life too seriously and tend to life with vibrancy and optimism.

Your child would describe you as inventive! You're the Mom who is creative and can find a solution to just about any problem you encounter. You love to think up new activities, crafts, and adventures that you and your kiddos can embark on every day of the week!

Your child would describe you as strong! Your kids view you as a pillar of strength and wisdom. You always appear to have everything together, even if if life feels like it's moving at a high speed clip. Though you feel frazzled, your kids only see strong superhero mom!

Your child would describe you as unique! Not only do you have a style that's all your own, but you approach life in a way that other mom's simply don't. You embrace the ups and the downs, knowing that the key to happiness is to lean into the flow and keep a positive attitude.