How You Act In Awkward Situations Will Reveal How Likable You Are!

Awkward situations are a part of life, but how you handle them can speak volumes about your character. In fact, your levels of awkwardness may just determine how likable you really are to others! React to these 10 awkward situations with total honesty. At the end, we'll reveal just how likable you actually are. Are you as well loved as you think?

Question 1/10
You randomly got thrown into a conversation with a few strangers at a party. What's your talking speed like?
Normal, average speed.
Too fast.
Too slow.

Question 2/10
You just walked into the big crowded room of a convention. What's your posture like?
It's good, I stand tall.
I'm a bit hunched over.
I'm staring at the ground trying to curl into myself.

Question 3/10
You're walking in front of a bunch of people from your work. You trip and fall. How do you play it off?
Stand up and start laughing.
Just keep walking.
Blame it on the path.

Question 4/10
You're at a very quiet church service when you accidentally let one rip. What do you do?
Cough to try and cover it up.
Stand up and walk out.
Giggle to myself and play it cool.

Question 5/10
Getting onto the elevator you accidentally trip and spill coffee on a stranger. What do you do?
Apologize profusely.
Offer to have their shirt cleaned.
Start to cry.

Question 6/10
You realize you tucked your shirt into your underwear accidentally. Everyone noticed but you. What's your move?
Laugh it off, these things happen.
Own it! It's a new look.
Take the rest of the day off.

Question 7/10
Talking to a friend, you mention a party that's coming up. Quickly you realize she wasn't invited. What do you do?
Change the subject.
Ask if they'd like to come along.

Question 8/10
You run into your ex and their gorgeous new partner at the grocery store. You look like a mess. What do you do?
Make a self deprecating joke and say hello.
Try to avoid them at all costs.
Glare at them from afar.

Question 9/10
At the coffee shop, you accidentally knock over the straw container. Straws go flying everywhere. What do you do?
Walk out and never return again.
Laugh and start picking up straws.
Just start quietly picking up straws.

Question 10/10
You've just met your boyfriend's parents and now you're alone with them for the first time. What do you do?
Stare awkardly and hope one of them talks first.
Start asking questions about your boyfriend's childhood.
compliment them on what a great job they did raising your boyfriend.
Who wouldn't like you? You're basically the most likable person on earth. Not only do you ooze charm and charisma, but you always seem to know the right thing to say in a any situation. Laid back and easy going, you don't sweat the small stuff or pass judgement on others. You just go with the flow and keep a great sense of humor!

Extremely Likable.
Kudos to you for being so darn likable! People just can't seem to resist your charming ways or your sense of humor. It's clear that you don't have an awkward bone in your body. While some people scramble in social situations, you always keep your cool. No wonder you're so popular!

Very Likable
You're a pretty likable person, but you're not everyone's cup of tea! Sometimes, you can be a bit awkward or mysterious. While this makes you even more likable to some, others see you as a bit weird or "out there." Who cares! At the end of the day it's about finding a group of people who love you for exactly who you are. Awkwardness and all!

Pretty Likable