How Young Do You Feel?

Some of us feel young at heart, others feel young physically! And some of us don't feel young at all. Just how young do you feel most days? Do you feel younger than your actual age? With just a few simple quiz questions, we can reveal exactly how young you feel!

Question 1/10
Do you ever have trouble getting up from chairs?
Sometimes, I'm not as limber as I used to be!
No, never.
All the time.
Only when I've sat for too long.

Question 2/10
What do you like thinking about the most?
The past.
The present.
The future.

Question 3/10
What do you do when you and a friend have a disagreement?
Argue the point.
Agree to disagree.
Stop talking for awhile.
Find common ground.
Try to convince them I'm right.

Question 4/10
What do you do when you’re waiting for the bus?
Make small talk with strangers.
Read the newspaper.
Listen to music.
People watch.
I don't take the bus.

Question 5/10
When do you usually eat dinner?
5 PM
7 PM
6 PM
8 PM
9 PM

Question 6/10
How do you go about finding a solution to a problem?
I follow my instincts.
I weigh all my options.
I ask friends and family.
I just go with the flow.

Question 7/10
What time do you like going to bed?
Around 9 PM.
Around 10 PM.
Around 11 PM.
About midnight.
1 AM or later.

Question 8/10
How long does it take you to get out of bed in the morning?
I don't, I wake up in the afternoon.
I hit snooze a few times, then I'm up.
I get up without an alarm.
I get up with my alarm.
It depends on the day.

Question 9/10
Which of the following do you do?
Stash hard candies in my purse.
Collect copuons.
Wear my pants too low.
Text all day.

Question 10/10
How do you feel about technology?
It's amazing!
It's good sometimes.
It's the worst.
It's making us all brain dead.
I guess it's helpful.
Right now, you feel as if you're 21! Though you may be much older, you feel as spry and ready for life as you did at 21. You're someone who craves adventure! You love to try new things and hate to feel bored or stuck. Because of this, your life is always exciting and never dull!

Right now, you feel as if you're around 30 years old! You're comfortable in your skin, but still full of that youthful exuberance. You strive to try new things and challenges yourself to grow. Though you're more settled than most, you're still up for whatever life throws your way!

Right now, you feel as if you're about 40 years old! Gone are all the insecurities are youth, you're perfectly comfortable with who you are. While you may not feel as young as you once did, you feel something even better: contentment. You are who you are and you love the person you've become! You've still got plenty of energy. Probably because you're not wasting your precious time stressing out!

You feel as if you're 25! Even if you're older, you still feel as if the world is unfolding before you. To you, there's plenty of time to travel, meet new people, and see the world. Unlike some people, you don't feel as if you have to have it all figured out just yet. You're learning as you go and you wouldn't have it any other way!

Right now, you feel as if your're about 12! Though you may be youthful, you're also a bit unsure of your place in the world and who you are. Sure, you have the bubbly awe of youth, but with that comes insecurity. Remember who you are and your right to live out loud! Once you feel about 20, you'll know you're doing something right!