If You Were A Famous Guitar, What Would Your Name Be?

If you were an iconic guitar used by the legends, what would your name be? Would you evoke romance and passion? Would you be silly and nonsensical? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
How much did you spend on the outfit you're wearing?
I have no idea.
Not that much.
More than I'll admit on a quiz!
A couple hundred.

Question 2/10
Are you still in touch with your exes?
We're still friends.
I'm pretty sure they're still in love with me!
I'm still in love with them!
Nope, they're long forgotten.

Question 3/10
Choose a 'Grease' song:
"You're the one that I want"
"Hopelessly Devoted"
"Born to Hand Jive"
"Greased Lightning"

Question 4/10
Which Muppet do you most identify with?
Miss Piggy

Question 5/10
What's your biggest vice?
I party too hard.
I don't follow the rules.
I'm careless with people's feelings.
I'm overly ambitious.

Question 6/10
What annoys you most?
When I can't get what I want.
When people don't pay attention to me.
A barren bank account

Question 7/10
Choose a pet:
No pets for me!

Question 8/10
You've accidentally hurt someone. What do you do?
Call for help.
Flee the scene.
Eh, it depends on the day.

Question 9/10
Pick an '80s movie:
Pretty in Pink
Top Gun
Say Anything
The Breakfast Club

Question 10/10
What would you do if you could go back in time?
Fix a broken relationship.
Stop bad things from happening.
Use my knowledge to make lots of money.
If you were a famous guitar, your name would be Lucille! Sweet, feminine, and always down for some romance. You exude a sense of warmth and charm that many women lack. No wonder so many musicians would find you irresistible!

If you were a famous guitar, your name would be Lady Danger! You live your life on the edge, always taking chances and going big when it comes to living outside of your comfort zone. You don't worry about consequence and focus on what feels right in the moment!

Lady Danger
If you were a famous guitar, your name would be Big Red! You've got a larger than life personality and a look that's all your own. You truly believe in the motto of "go big or go home." You live your life out loud and you don't care who knows it!

Big Red
If you were a famous guitar, your name would be Mama Dearest! Let's face it, in your friend group, you're always playing the role of Mom. You love to take care of others and nurture anyone or anything that could use a little love.

Mama Dearest
If you were a famous guitar, you would be known as The Big Special! You're the type of person who loves to get gussied up and is always looking for a reason to celebrate. You always look on the bright side of life and try not to let the doom and gloom get you down. You're about as special as they come!

The Big Special