If You Were a Teacher, Which Grade Would You Teach?

If you've ever thought of becoming a teacher, then you know that the first step is to choose the grade you would teach! Which grade would really be the best fit for your personality? Are you destined to teach kindergarten or is something else in the cards? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Which of these best describes you?

Question 2/10
What was your worst subject in school?
Social studies

Question 3/10
How were your grades in school?
Good, but I worked really hard.
Great, school was a breeze.
Decent, As and Bs mostly.
I had a rough go of it.

Question 4/10
How far ahead have you planned your life?
I live in the moment.
Maybe a few days or weeks.
I know what I'm doing up until the end of the year.
I've got a solid 5 year plan.

Question 5/10
You're driving with friends and get lost. What do you do?
Tell some jokes to lighten the mood.
Panic and freak out.
Stay very quiet until I can collect my thoughts.
Use common sense until the GPS kicks in.

Question 6/10
In which level of school did you have your favorite teacher?
High school
Middle school
Elementary school

Question 7/10
What was your favorite non-classroom activity in school?
Study hall
Gym class

Question 8/10
How important was it for you to be popular in school?
Very popular
Somewhat popular
Not popular at all

Question 9/10
Thinking about movies, what is the most common rating of your favorites?

Question 10/10
How do you solve differences with people you disagree with or don't like?
Ignore them.
Try to prove them wrong.
Talk trash about them.
Work things out peacefully.
If you were a teacher, you would teach kindergarten! Patient, creative, and steady. You're great at thinking on your feet and never let little mishaps ruffle your feathers. You love hands on projects and truly understand what it takes to help young children learn!

If you were a teacher, you would teach third grade! Confident, organized, and fun loving. You know how to turn any lesson or ordinary day into something special. You have the ability to truly captivate an audience, and know how to get down on anyone's level. Patient and kind, you could truly handle this age group like a pro!

Third Grade
If you were a teacher, you would teach sixth grade! Patient, stern, and all business. You know that to keep kids in this age group in line, you're going to have to set some serious boundaries. While truly witty and intelligent, you know when to have fun and when to lay down the law.

Sixth Grade
If you were a teacher, you should teach tenth grade! Fun loving, confident, and truly wise. You know how to reach students and truly impart lasting wisdom. Teaching tenth grade isn't easy, but you've got the confidence, patience and humor to truly make a lasting impression.

Tenth Grade
If you were a teacher, you would teach second grade! You're a very pragmatic person who knows how to speak clearly and get a point across. You know how to have a good fun and you never sweat the small stuff. Being a teacher isn't always easy, but you've got the tenacity and personality for the job!

Second Grade