If You Were Made Into A Wine, What Kind Would You Be?

If your personality could be bottled into a wine, what kind of wine would it be? Would you dazzle everyone's palate or be a bit more of an acquired taste? Take these 10 boozy quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Which sounds like the perfect dinner to you?
Salmon with balsamic glaze.
Cappelini with fresh kalamata olives.
Brick oven pizza.
Pot roast and roasted veggies.
Pot pie.

Question 2/10
What do you do on an airplane?
Pop anxiety pills like they're going out of style.
Start chatting up my seat mates.
Wrap myself in a blanket and take a nap.
Watching an inflight movie.
Feuding with everyone around me.

Question 3/10
Describe your bed:
Silk sheets and a big down comforter.
What bed? I sleep on the floor.
Cozy Egyptian cotton sheets.
1,000 thread count and up.
A bed is a bed.

Question 4/10
You feel most comfortable wearing something:

Question 5/10
What are your thoughts on Greek yogurt?
It's delicious.
It's gross.
It's okay sometimes.

Question 6/10
How would you describe your figure?

Question 7/10
You just uprooted your whole family and moved elsewhere because you wanted to live somewhere that was...

Question 8/10
Your ideal conversation is..
Short and to the point
Witty banter
Deep and meaningful
Light and chatty

Question 9/10
What kind of magazines do you read?
Home and garden

Question 10/10
Which wine corner of the world would you like to visit?
Napa Valley
South Australia
None of these
If you were a type of wine, you would be red wine! You're a highly serious and intellectual person who prides yourself on being a deep thinker. While some people may crave the lightness of a summer day, you feel most at home in the winter time. A roaring fire, some cozy socks, and a dry red are all you need to feel cozy inside!

Red Wine
If you were a type of wine, you would be Rose! You're a sweet and romantic soul who just wants to see the world through rose colored glasses. Not only do you always look on the bright side, but you seek to leave every place better than you found it!

If you were a type of wine, you would be white wine! You're a total class act who loves to do things the old fashioned way. You believe that manners matter, that there's the right way to fold a fitted sheet, and that one should always put their best foot forward.

White Wine
If you were a type of wine, you would be champagne! You're a fun loving person who just wants to know where the next party is. You don't just celebrate the big occasions, you celebrate life by living each and everyday to the fullest. No one is ever going to accuse you of waisting your time!

If you were a type of wine, you would be Apple wine! Like a crisp fall day, you can instantly bring a sense of comfort and warmth to everyone you meet. You're a cozy and nurturing soul who simply wants everyone to get along and enjoy what matters.

Apple Wine