Is Your Brain More Teacher Or Student?

Some of us think like a student, eager to learn and hungry for more. Others think like a teacher, logically and with a sense of wisdom. Is your brain more student or teacher? Do you want to teach or be taught? Let's take to the quiz for some answers! Your brain may not work the way you think it does.

Question 1/10
In school, you were voted....
Class clown
Most likely to succeed
Best dressed

Question 2/10
Picture a classroom. Which row would you choose on the first day of school?
The front row
The middle row
The back row

Question 3/10
When someone is talking, you are always....
Actively listening.
Drifting off in thought.
Looking around.

Question 4/10
You've been assigned a project for work. When do you get started?
Right away.
A week before it's due.
The night before it's due.

Question 5/10
In your free time, you can almost always be found....
Reading a new bestseller.
Catching up on errands.
Binge watching TV.

Question 6/10
In your opinion, mornings are for....

Question 7/10
Do you tend to live life spontaneously or with a set plan?
I like to plan everything out.
I like to live in the moment.
It depends on the day.

Question 8/10
Do people often come to you for advice?
Yes on anything and everything.
Sometimes, on certain topics.
Nope, never.

Question 9/10
If a stranger were to describe you in one word, they would probably say you were....

Question 10/10
If you didn't know the answer to a question, you would....
Look up the answer.
Ask someone for the answer.
Shrug it off and move on.
You think more like a teacher! Though logical and grounded in fact, you can also be highly creative, often thinking outside the box. You're very patient and wise, even if at times you have a bit of a temper! You strive to help others to be their best, even if it means often putting your own needs and wants to the side.

You think more like a student! Inquisitive and curious, you often ask more questions than the average person. You love to learn, whether through reading or through experience. A bit impatient, you tend to want to know the answers to things in the here and now, rather than taking the long way around.

You think like both a student and a teacher! Basically, you're the best version of both types of thinkers. You ask questions and truly want to learn, but you also have a great sense of depth and wisdom. When you learn something new, you can't wait to share your findings with others. A true rarity in the modern day!

Mix Of Both