Is Your Ex Still In Love With You?

Even if things with your Ex didn't work out the first time, could they still be in love with you? Has your ex secretly been pining over you this whole time? With these 10 quiz questions, we can reveal if your ex still has big feelings for you!

Question 1/10
Has your ex liked any of your photos or statuses since you broke up?
Yes, they do it all the time.
Yes, but only around holidays.
Maybe, I don't check.
Nope, not that I know of.

Question 2/10
Who broke up with who?
I broke up with them.
They broke up with me.
It was a mutual decision.

Question 3/10
Do you still keep in touch with your exes's family?
Yes, we talk all the time!
Sort of, we're friendly.
Nope, haven't seen them or heard from them.

Question 4/10
Why did you break up in the first place?
They cheated on me.
I cheated on them.
We grew apart.
Career/life changes
I still don't know

Question 5/10
Did you and your ex share any of the same friends?
Yes, most of them were shared.
A few of them, but they took sides.
None of them.

Question 6/10
Is your ex dating someone new?
Yes, they're in a relationship.
They're casually dating.
I think they dated someone but not anymore.
Nope, they're single.

Question 7/10
Does your ex still wish you a Happy Birthday?
Always, like clockwork.
Sometimes, but it's pretty weak.
Never, I don't even think they know my birthday.

Question 8/10
How did you and your ex meet?
Through a mutual friend
By accident
Online/dating app
At work

Question 9/10
How long did the two of you date for?
Several years
Around a year
A few months
A few weeks

Question 10/10
How often do you and your ex "accidentally" run into one another?
It seems to happen almost weekly.
Every few weeks.
A few times a year.
I haven't seen them since the split.
Your ex is still madly in love with you! Since your break up, your ex has had a difficult time letting go and moving on. There's just something about you they can't seem to forget. From the way you laugh to the way you hold your head high in tough situations, you're the one your ex can't seem to let go of.

Your Ex Is Still Madly In Love With You!
Your ex still has some feelings for you! It's obvious that your ex hasn't given up on your relationship just yet. While they may be trying to move on or act tough, deep down, they've still go it bad. Open up the door and see if they come through. You might just find that your romance is worth rekindling!

Your Ex Still Has Some Feelings For You!
Your ex is torn! While your ex still clearly has some feelings for you, they're not quite sure if those feelings are worth revisiting right now. You had a complex relationship full of ups and downs. With so many hurdles to scale, your ex may be wondering if a second try would actually yield a better outcome. What do you think? Is it worth giving your love another go?

Your Ex Is Torn!
Your ex has clearly moved on! In this situation, you seem a bit more hung up on your ex than they are on you. While they may still care about you and think of you from time to time, they're not interested in giving this romance another go. They're ready to move on and move forward with their life. It might be time for you to let go too!

Your Ex Is Over You!