Is Your Mother A Mean Girl?

We'd all like to think that our mothers are saints, but is yours secretly a mean girl? Take these 10 questions and find out if your mother is actually playing nice!

Question 1/10
Which coffee chain does your mother frequent?
Her kitchen is her coffee chain
Dunkin Donuts
A local cafe

Question 2/10
How long does it typically take your mother to get ready?
I have no idea quite honestly
5-10 minutes
20-30 minutes
45-60 minutes
All I know is she is late for everything

Question 3/10
Which social network does your mother post on daily?
My mom has no idea what any of these things are

Question 4/10
Does your mother frequently spam your inbox with YouTube videos?
Once or twice a week
Luckily never

Question 5/10
Does your mother have a core group of friends?
I'm not sure

Question 6/10
Has your mother every openly admitted to hating your haircut?
More times than I can count
Once but it was well deserved
My Mom never comments on my hair

Question 7/10
Which of these activities would we likely find your mom partaking in?
Reading a good book
Playing tennis
Getting a pedicure

Question 8/10
Is your mother a fan of gossip?
She's the gossip queen
Only if it's family related
She loves a juicy story
She doesn't really engage in gossip

Question 9/10
What's your mother's signature dish?
Penne ala vodka
Pot roast
Beef wellington

Question 10/10
How would you describe your mother in one word?
You’re mother is about as far from a mean girl as a woman can get! She never partakes in gossip, hates stirring the pot, and truly detests unnecessary drama. She’d much rather be making people’s lives nicer than spreading negativity in the world. Commend your mother for her sweet and kind personality!

Nice And Sweet
You’re mother is definitely not a mean girl! She’s a sensitive gal who often feels as if partaking in gossip and rumors only leads to hurt feelings. Your mother would much rather spread love and positivity in the world than anything that could effect others negatively.

Soft And Kind
Your mother is kind of a mean girl! Does she hold weekly sessions with her girlfriend in which they talk about the one woman who’s not there? Does she often comment on the outfits and hair choices of other women on the street? Nip this habit in the bud and remind your mother that love and acceptance is greater than jealous gossip!

Kind Of A Mean Girl
Your mother is a reformed mean girl! In the past, your mother was a mean girl. There are somethings that she said and did in high school that she surely regrets. However, with old age she’s realized that being a mean girl is no way to live your life. She now acts of kindness and grace. Rock on reformed mean girl mom!

Reformed Mean Girl
Your mother has mean girl tendencies! No one could ever accuse your dear mom of being a full on mean girl; however, like so many of us, your mom has a few mean girl tendencies. Gossip, judgement, and taking reality television a bit too literally. Remind your mom that her sweet side is her best side!

Mean Girl Tendencies