Live On A Farm And We’ll Reveal What People Like Most About You!

Pretend you live on a farm and we'll reveal exactly what people like most about you! Ready to find out how revealing life in the country really is? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Farming is hard work. Better get started early. What time will you wake up each day?
5 AM
6 AM
7 AM
8 AM
4 AM

Question 2/10
Farm life calls for a big breakfast. What will you be whipping up?
Eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns
A big stack of pancakes
Oatmeal and berries
Buttered toast
A veggie omelette

Question 3/10
Coffee gets the day going. How do you take yours?
With cream and sugar
With a bit of milk
With just sugar
I don't drink coffee

Question 4/10
Time to start your barn chores. What are you going to do first?
Feed the chickens
Milk the cows
Clean the stables
Clean the coops
I'm not sure

Question 5/10
What kind of crop are you growing on the farm?
Corn and soybeans
Kale and lettuce
Carrots and green beans
All of the above

Question 6/10
You need to plan an upcoming seed order. What's most important to you?
All of the above

Question 7/10
Being on a farm means having a lot of unique hobbies. Which one will you pick up?
Soap making
Candle making
Baking bread

Question 8/10
It's lunch time. How will you fuel up?
Turkey sandwich
A big salad
Grilled cheese

Question 9/10
Would you homeschool your kids or send them to public school?
Public school
Private school

Question 10/10
Time for some more chores. How do you finish out the day?
Feeding the animals
Cleaning stalls and pens
Checking on crops
Tending to the tractor
What people like most about you is your sense of humor! Whenever someone needs a good laugh or a bit of positive perspective, they always think of you first. You always view life through rose colored glasses and look for reasons to laugh!

Your Sense Of Humor
What people like most about you is your kindness! Few people have the selfless nature or sense of compassion that you do. You'll drop anything to help a friend in need and always put the needs of those around you first. You truly love to take care of animals, people, and anyone who could use a bit of sweetness!

Your Kindness!
What people like most about you is your intelligence! If there's a problem that needs to be solved, you're the first person people want on the job. There's nothing that you can't fix once you set your mind to it. Intelligent, clever, and outside of the box, you're the type of person who can find a solution to any issue that comes to light.

Your Intelligence!
What people like most about you is your creativity! You're an outside the box thinker who loves to tinker, problem solve, and go against the grain. Whether it's working on the farm or solving a complex problem, your creativity always shines through!

Your Creativity!
What people like most about you is your work ethic! You don't stop until a job is seen all the way through. You're hardworking, tenacious, and always willing to go the extra mile. From sun up to sun down, you're working hard and making the most of your days!

Your Work Ethic!