Make Healthy Choices And We’ll Guess Your Weight.

Making healthy choices is often easier said than done. After all, broccoli doesn't exactly taste like an ice cream sundae. Make some healthy choices in this quiz and we'll try to guess your weight. Do your choices align with your number on the scale? Grab your water bottle, grab a granola bar, and hang on for the results!

Question 1/10
Your alarm is going off on a Saturday morning. What time was it set for?
7 AM
8 AM
9 AM
10 AM
11 AM

Question 2/10
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What would you typically grab?
A piece of toast
A bowl of cereal
Eggs and bacon
Waffles or pancakes
Fruit and yogurt

Question 3/10
What's the first thing you would sip on in the morning?
Green tea
Black tea
Orange juice

Question 4/10
Go ahead and do something active post breakfast:
Take a walk
Go for a jog
Swim some laps
Do some yoga
Flip through a magazine

Question 5/10
How tall are you?
5'2" and under
5'10" or taller

Question 6/10
Which would you grab for a midmorning snack?
Granola bar
Greek yogurt
Raw almonds
Peanut butter w/ apple slices
A bag of pretzels

Question 7/10
Time for lunch! Which would you choose?
Grilled chicken with a side salad
Slice of pizza
Turkey sandwich on wheat
Protein shake
Grilled cheese

Question 8/10
What do you drink with lunch?
Diet soda
Iced tea
Regular soda
Iced coffee

Question 9/10
What are you most likely to do with a friend you have't seen in some time?
Grab a few drinks
Meet up for dinner
Go on a hike
Get together for coffee
Meet up at home

Question 10/10
How high are your stress levels on the average day?
Very high
Kind of high
Not high at all
Very low
Based on your choices, we think you weigh 132 pounds! You've achieved a perfect balance between being healthy and having a bit of fun. After all, eating veggies all day won't make you happy, nor will vegging out on junk food. You know your body well and how to make choices that benefit you inside and out! To say you're #goals is a total understatement!

132 Pounds
Based on your choices, we think you weigh around 170 pounds. Life gets so busy sometimes. With work stress and life stress, it's often easier to just eat what's convenient and veg out with some TV. While you want to be a bit healthier, you haven't quite figured out how to fit everything into your life in a way that works for you. While you could make healthier choices, you do your best to find your own path to wellness. You'll get there one day!

170 Pounds
Based on your choices, we think you weigh 143 pounds! You strive to lead a balanced life, but often stress and busy schedules can throw you off track. While you're far from being overweight, you're not quite where you want to be in terms of fitness and health. Remember, you can still eat the things you love in moderation, so long as you balance it out with some exercise and plenty of wholesome treats.

143 Pounds
Based on your healthy choices, we suspect that you weigh around 117 pounds! You're quite serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and doing what you can to feel good inside and out. Even though you often eat healthy choices, you know that life is all about balance! That's why you're not afraid to chow down on a burger and some fries when you're in the mood!

117 Pounds
Based on your choices, we think you're 125 pounds! You're very keen on making good choices and leading a balanced life. While you're not exactly a health nut, you are very aware of what you put into your body and trying to eat everything in moderation. While fruits and veggies are staples in your diet, you're not afraid to indulge or treat yourself to some pizza or ice cream!

125 Pounds