Plan A Spa Day And We’ll Reveal Where You’re Headed In The Afterlife!

Want to know where you're headed in the afterlife? Heaven might not really be in the cards. Plan a relaxing spa day and we'll tell you exactly where you're going to end up for all of eternity. Ready for the results? Start the test!

Question 1/10
First things first, where would you most like your spa day to take place?
Who cares, a spa is a spa!

Question 2/10
Who is going to join you on your spa vacation?
My best friend
My Mom
My sister
My spouse
I'm rolling solo!

Question 3/10
Choose your first spa service:
Manicure and pedicure
Back massage
Hair cut

Question 4/10
What will you be snacking on throughout the day?
Does wine count?
Cheese plate
Dark chocolate

Question 5/10
Choose your second service:
Hair cut
Manicure and pedicure

Question 6/10
Choose a spa day activity:
Pool and jacuzzi
Tennis lessons

Question 7/10
What will you be sipping on during your services?
Fruit water
That liquor bottle I snuck in.

Question 8/10
How are you going to end your day?
Face mask
Relaxation room
Hot spring

Question 9/10
What will you bring home from the spa?
A fluffy robe
A luxury candle
A chocolate box
Sugar scrub
Essential oils

Question 10/10
How long will your relaxed mood last?
5 minutes
A few hours
A few days
A few weeks
It has already passed!
Based on your perfect spa day, you're headed straight for heaven in the afterlife! It's clear that you're a good and pure person, one who focuses on what's inside rather than what's outside. You try to be a kind person and always put others first! Even on your spa day, you hate to inconvenience anyone else.

Based on your perfect spa day, you're headed straight for hell! Okay, so you you're not getting into heaven just yet. Your spa choices revealed that you've got a bit of a devilish streak, one that often gets you into trouble. Sometimes, being bad is just more fun!

Based on your perfect spa day, you're headed to purgatory in the afterlife! You haven't been good but you haven't been rotten either. You live a life of balance. Most of the time, you pride yourself on doing what's right. Yet every now and then, you definitely show a bit of a naughty streak!

Based on your perfect spa day, you're headed for the spirit world! You're a jovial and truly enigmatic person who sees the glass as half full. You believe hat life is about passion, enjoyment, and helping others. Your spa day revealed that you're just what the spirit world needs.

The Spirit World
Based on your perfect spa day, you're going to be reincarnated! As a very spiritual and connected person, you don't believe that this life is actually the last stop. Instead, you know that you're destined for a new life in a different body. With your kindness, compassion, and sense of wonder, we think you'll come back as someone truly amazing!