React To These Situations And We’ll Reveal The Kind Of Person you Are!

React to these 10 unique situations and we'll reveal exactly what kind of person you actually are! Ready to reveal the truth about who you are? Take these quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
You're having an argument with a loved one and a really cutting insult comes to mind. Would you say it out loud?
Yes, but I'd dial it down a bit.
Yes, I'd say it and then wait for a response.
I would say it and then apologize right away.
Nope, why escalate the situation?

Question 2/10
You lend a friend your favorite sweater and she loses it. What do you do?
Forgive her, but that's the last time she borrows my clothes.
Demand that she buys me a new one.
I just let it go, things happen.

Question 3/10
You're going out with a group of people and deciding on what restaurant to eat at. No one likes your choice. How do you react?
Start throwing a tantrum.
Show that I'm annoyed.
Be passive aggressive.
Shrug and let it go.
Ask if we can go there next time.

Question 4/10
One of your co-workers is stammering on about her dog. You couldn't care less. What do you do?
Excuse myself and hide in the bathroom.
Explain that I have a lot of work to do.
Tell her I'm interested but that I'm very busy.
Walk away and avoid her the rest of the day.

Question 5/10
You get an unexpected tax rebate of $500. How much of it are you spending?
All of it, I worked hard for that money.
Some of it, I'll put the rest in savings.
None of it, it's going right into savings.
All of it, but it's going to bills.

Question 6/10
Your roommate keeps borrowing things without asking. What do you do?
Start taking their stuff so we're even.
Leave a passive aggressive note.
Confront them.
Start locking my bedroom door.
Have a frank talk with them.

Question 7/10
You're walking in the rain and a stranger pulls up to offer you a ride. What do you do?
I'll take it, I don't want to keep getting wet.
I'd turn it down, I don't know who that person is.
I'd consider it, but just keep going. Better safe than sorry.

Question 8/10
You see a really nice jacket online that's a little bit expensive. You already have quite a few coats and jackets as it is. Do you buy it?
I'd give myself a week and if I still want it, I'll buy it.
Yes, I work hard I deserve nice things.
I'd think about it overnight.
I'll wait and see if it goes on sale.

Question 9/10
A friend just criticized your taste in shoes. What do you do?
Critisize her taste in something.
Shrug it off, to each their own.
Start buying different shoes.
Start buying even weirder shoes.

Question 10/10
You make plans with a friend to go out but they cancel last minute. What do you do?
Hang out at home and enjoy the free time!
Go out on my own, I don't need anyone else.
Get pretty angry and throw a fit.
Feel a bit bummed out, but it's no big deal.
Based on how you reacted to these 10 situations, we'd say you're a very forgiving person! You're not the type to hold a grudge or live in the past. You forgive easily and move on, never letting the actions of others affect you or your happiness for every long.

A Forgiving Person.
Based on how you reacted to these 10 situations, we think you're a very mature person! You always take the high road and aim to do the right thing. In most situations, you keep level head and always do what's best for everyone involved. You're one of a kind!

A Mature Person.
Based on how you reacted to these 10 situations, you're a very loving person! You're a natural born nurturer who loves to take care of other people and lend a hand. While you often put others before yourself, you tend to gain great fulfillment from your selfless nature.

A Loving Person.
Based on you reacted in these 10 situations, you're a very humorous person! You can find the humor in just about any situation, good or bad. You've learned to laugh your way through life's ups and downs, which means you almost always have a positive attitude and a smile on your face.

A Humorous Person.
Based on how you reacted in these 10 situations, you're a very easy going person! You don't sweat the small stuff and you don't let life get under your skin. Bad things happen, but if you take them on with a sense of grace, you'll never lose your wits or feel at odds with the world around you. If only everyone were as easy going as you!

An Easy Going Person.