Shop At Target And We’ll Tell You Your Best Old Person Quality!

Go on a shopping trip at Target and we'll reveal your best old person quality! Ready for the results? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out what your best old persona quality really is!

Question 1/10
First things first, what would you pick up at the Target dollar section?
Seasonal notepads
Gift bags
Pizza stickers
Seasonal dog collar
Candles and hand soap

Question 2/10
Which section are you going to browse first?
Workout apparel

Question 3/10
What do you need from the household essentials aisle?
Laundry detergent
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Organic cleaning spray
Air fresheners

Question 4/10
Which would catch your eye in the electronics section?
Google Chromebook
Nikon Digital Camera
Apple iPad Pro
Nintendo Switch

Question 5/10
Pick something from the toy section:
Star Wars figures

Question 6/10
You're in the home section. What are you going to pick up?
Bath towels
A roomba
A new fuzzy blanket
A welcome mat

Question 7/10
You can buy anything from the kitchen section. What do you choose?
Set of mixing bowels
Novelty dish towels
Monogrammed coffee mug
French press
Instant pot

Question 8/10
What are you picking up at the sports section?
A new yoga mat
A kettle bell
A camping mat
A ping pong table
A reusable water bottle

Question 9/10
You're walking by the beauty aisle. What are you most likely to pick up?
The latest organic cleanser
A new lipstick
Some fun makeup brushes
A small batch soap
An eyeshadow palette

Question 10/10
What's your impulse buy at the checkout?
A BIC lighter
A pack of gum
Beef jerky
Snickers bar
Based on your Target shopping list, you're the type of person who is always prepared! You don't just buy something when you run out of it, you have a stock pile of every item you use on the daily. Not only are you always thinking ahead, but you're well organized and always have a keen eye on what may come.

You're Always Prepared!
Based on your Target shopping trip, your best old person quality is not caring what anyone else thinks! You love who you are and you're not afraid to embrace your eccentric personality. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Not you! You live a life full of confidence, joy, and true happiness!

You Don't Care What Anyone Thinks!
Based on your Target shopping trip, your best old person quality is always voicing your opinion! When you have something on your mind-- you speak your truth. You're not afraid to show your true colors or embrace who you really are. Even when shopping, you buy the things you love most, not what you may necessarily need!

You Always Voice Your Opinion!
Based on your Target shopping trip, your best old person quality is that you like to be comfortable! Who cares about embracing the latest trends or having a chic modern home? Not you! You're all about comfort in every aspect of your life. From warm scented candles to comfy clothing, you're all about living a life of leisure.

You Like To Be Comfortable!
Based on your Target shopping trip, your best old person quality is that you like to take things slow! One nice thing about getting older is a true change of pace. You're not the type who is ever in a hurry or rushing through life. Even at Target, you like to stop and smell the roses. You don't worry about keeping lists or racing around the store, you simply enjoy your time out of the house and do things on your own time.

You Take Things Slow!