Should You Get A Tattoo?

Are you ready for one?

Question 1/10
Are you artsy?
Yes, I'm an artist
No, art is not my strong suit

Question 2/10
Do you like expressing yourself?
Yes, I love expression

Question 3/10
Are you unique?
Yes, very unique
No, I'm not special

Question 4/10
Are you creative?
I am very creative
I'm not creative at all

Question 5/10
Do you have a lot of money to spare?

Question 6/10
Are you indecisive?
Not at all
I have a hard time making decisions

Question 7/10
Are you shy?
I am a social butterfly
I am very shy

Question 8/10
Are you out-going?
Yes, and everybody loves me?
No, I'd rather stay in

Question 9/10
Do you like planning things out?
Everything in my life is planned out beforehand
I like to go with the flow

Question 10/10
Are you thoughtful?
Yes, and I tend to overthink
Not really
You know exactly what you and you want it to express your individuality. You don't just want a tattoo to get one. You want something that looks amazing and was done well.

Yes You Should
It would be in your best interest to not get a tattoo at all. Maybe some time in the future but you're not ready for one yet.

No You Shouldn't