Tell Us About Your Life And We’ll Reveal Your Perfect Home!

Most of us have a perfect dream home, yet we're not always sure what that home is or looks like! Tell us a little bit about your life and we'll reveal the type of home you should be living in. Answer honestly, because your dream house is waiting on the other side! Ready to find your perfect home? Hit start!

Question 1/10
How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Question 2/10
Where are you most likely to meet up with some friends?
A local diner
A small cafe
A shopping center
A park
At my home

Question 3/10
What does loyalty mean to you?

Question 4/10
On most Sundays, you look forward to...
Heading to church.
Working around the house.
Relaxing outside.
Cooking up something good.
Visiting with family.

Question 5/10
What's your best feature?
Probably my looks.
My personality.
My work ethic.
My sense of humor.
My openness.

Question 6/10
Right now, your life pretty much revolves around...
Something else...

Question 7/10
Which word describes your perfect evening?

Question 8/10
How do you feel about your job?
I desperately want a new one.
It's quite fulfilling.
I love it!
It pays the bills.
It's okay most of the time.

Question 9/10
Would you describe yourself as an old soul?
Yes, most definitely..
In some ways.
No, not at all.

Question 10/10
Do you have any of these hobbies?
Painting or drawing
Working out
Your perfect home is a historic charmer! You long for a home that is full of secret passages, tucked away nooks and beautiful architecture. You're someone who truly appreciates the past and often longs for a time that happened long ago!

A Historic Charmer
Your perfect home is a modern farmhouse! You've definitely got a bit of country and tradition deep within your soul. While you want a home that is full of white washed walls and beautiful greenery, you don't want it to feel dingy or dates. You're a modern woman who craves both warmth and a bit of modern elegance.

A Modern Farmhouse
Your perfect home is a cozy craftsman! Outdoorsy, warm and down to earth. You crave a home that exudes the same warmth and charm that you do. Forget white washed walls or gray everything. You want plenty of wood, stone and natural elements to bring a bit of rustic charm and warmth right into your home.

A Cozy Craftsman
Your perfect home is a sleek modern abode! You're the type of woman who knows what she wants and what you want is the finer things in life. You crave a home with clean lines, glossy counter tops and the most modern bathroom imaginable. Bonus points if it has an extra large walk in closet!

A Modern Abode
You crave a beachside oasis! Your dream home is nestled on the shore of some beautiful ocean or lake. With ship lapped walls and light soothing hues, your home would reflect your light and easy going personality. When you rest your head at night, you'd love to hear the sound of waves lapping right outside your door.

A Beach Side Oasis