Tell Us About Your Significant Other And We’ll Guess Their High School Stereotype!

Question 1/10
What does your beau wear on a typical day out of the house?
Short sleeve button down and khakis.
Jeans and a t-shirt.
Shorts and a hoodie.
Nice slacks and a plaid shirt.
Something stylish.

Question 2/10
What kind of grades did your honey get in high school?
Straight A's
A's and B's
Mostly B's
C's and D's

Question 3/10
Which is closest to your sweetie's current profession?
Luxury car salesman
Graphic designer
Personal trainer

Question 4/10
When the weekend rolls around, what does your SO like to do for fun?
Play video games
Play in an adult sports league
Go to parties
Hiking or camping
Read a good book

Question 5/10
Where did you meet your partner?
At a bar.
At a party.
At work.
At a coffee shop.

Question 6/10
What annoys you about your partner right now?
They're a bit socially awkward.
They're quite competitive.
They're too relaxed.
They tend to be too serious.
They're a bit over sensitive.

Question 7/10
Where did they attend college or university?
A top private school.
A public university.
Community college.
An ivy league school.
An art specific school.

Question 8/10
Where did you have your first date with your beau?
At a museum.
At a football game.
At an arcade.
A fancy restaurant.
A concert.

Question 9/10
What is your SO most likely to order when out to eat?
A filet mingon
A burger
Rack of lamb
Fish tacos

Question 10/10
When it comes to friends, is your SO more about quality or quantity?
Quality for sure.
Both, to be honest.
Looks like you're dating a certified nerd! Back in high school, your beau was a total book worm. They probably didn't have a ton of friends and weren't attending any parties. They were too busy acing those exams and studying up! Of course, they had several close academic friends and were always kind to anyone they engaged. Being with them now is a total dream!

Looks like you bagged yourself a total jock! Back in high school, your sweetie was a top athlete who spent much of their time going to the gym and playing sports. They were super popular and likely didn't care much about academics or studying very much. Still, they were invited to every party and never really failed!

Looks like you bagged a total stoner! Back in high school, your beau was the classic stoner. In class, he was probably half asleep or doodling random images on a notebook. Odds are, they listened to a lot of Bob Marley and had plenty of like-minded friends. To them, a bedroom or basement hang out was the pinnacle of relaxation after school, just as long as they could light one up!

You managed to land yourself a true leader! Back in high school, your sweetie was likely class president or in an equal leadership position. They loved being in charge and were always coming up with the best ideas for the school. They had plenty of like-minded friends and never shied away from extra credit after school! A motivated soul, we suspect your sweetie ended up doing pretty big things.

Class President
Looks like you landed yourself a true tortured artist! Back in high school, your beau spent most of the time in the art studio working on their next great masterpiece. They were creative and motivated, but also sensitive and highly tortured. Odds are, they listened to a lot of alternative rock and wore a bit too much black!

The Tortured Artist
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Go ahead and let it all out! Tell us a little bit about your significant other and we'll accurately guess their high school stereotype. Can we guess exactly who your beau was in high school? Let this quiz reveal the truth! Can we get it right the first time?