There Are Three Types of Daughters: Which One Are You?

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What is the most important thing in your life right now?
My family
Succeeding in my career
Expressing my creativity

Question 2/10
It's your mom's birthday. How do you plan on celebrating?
Shopping and mani pedis.
A nice lunch out at her favorite restaurant.
A phone call or email.

Question 3/10
What are most of your conversations with your parents about these days?
What my siblings are doing.
How things are going in my life.
Random chit-chat.

Question 4/10
What kind of teenager were you?
A quiet bookworm.
Sporty and athletic.
Emotional and angsty.

Question 5/10
When was the last argument you've had with either of your parents?
When they disapproved of my lifestyle.
When t hey didn't give me something I wanted.
When I didn't get the support I needed.

Question 6/10
How would you describe your relationship with your father?
Strong and indivisible.
A bit frayed.
Great, I crave his approval.

Question 7/10
What was your least favorite chore growing up?
Cleaning my room.
Doing homework.

Question 8/10
Who is the first person you call when you need help?
My mom.
My dad.

Question 9/10
What was shopping for clothes with your parents like?
I hated it, they don't get my style.
It was fine, they trusted my taste.
It was great, I loved shopping with them!

Question 10/10
Which of these phrases best describes you?
Quiet, but strong.
Lively, full of passion.
Humorous and down to earth.
You're the attentive daughter! Not only are you affectionate and caring, but you're always around to help your parents when they're in need. You're loyal to your family and strive to always pull your weight. While some of your siblings are far away, you can't imaging living more than a few miles from your parents. Whether it's cooking, cleaning, or simply going out to lunch, you're the daughter that's always around to help or visit!

The Attentive Daughter
You're the independent daughter! As a daughter, you've always had a mind of your own. If your parents wanted you to do things one way, you were going to do them the opposite. The word "no" only made you want to do something even more. You've never relied on your parents for more than the basics. The second you turned 18, you couldn't wait to get out into the world to have some fun on your own.

The Independent Daughter
You're the "best friend" daughter! When it comes to daughters, you're the one who is just like a good girlfriend or pal. You love to treat your parents to lunch, spa days, and shopping trips. You talk and gossip with your parents as if they're your closet friends. There's nothing you wouldn't share with them! While you do strive to make them proud, you also do your own thing, knowing that they'll support you no matter what!

The "Best Friend" Daughter
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According to studies, there are three distinct types of daughters in the world. Each of us is one of them, but do you know what type of daughter you are? Answer these questions truthfully and we'll reveal exactly the type of daughter you're most like! The answer might just surprise you. Are you the type of daughter you think?