These 10 Questions Will Reveal How Your Mind Works!

Every mind works in a different way, but just how does your mind really work? Some people have abstract knowledge, others are more book smart. With just 10 simple quiz questions, we can reveal the truth. Ready for the results? To the quiz!

Question 1/10
You're bored at a work meeting. What can we find you doing?
Doodling on a notepad.
Checking my watch every 5 minutes.
Daydreaming about things I'd rather be doing.
Tapping my foot furiously.

Question 2/10
Which sounds like the WORST way to spend a day?
Mulling around a tech conference.
Reading a book.
Taking a 2 mile hike.
Brunch with your whole family.

Question 3/10
What kind of museum would you most like to visit?
An art museum
A history museum
A science museum
A war museum

Question 4/10
As you're getting dressed in the morning, what's on your mind?
What the weather might be like.
What I'm going to do that day.
What's clean and what's dirty.
What will make the best impression.

Question 5/10
Friends and family often say that you're too....

Question 6/10
Which of these activities sounds the most enjoyable?
Throwing a barbecue.
Flipping through a magazine.
Going to a wine tasting.
Learning a new skill.

Question 7/10
You've been offered a better position at your job, but sadly it includes a bigger work load. How do you decided whether or not to take it?
Weigh the pros and cons.
Consider how it might affect my personal life.
Take it anyway, money is money.
Consult with friends and family.

Question 8/10
You want to buy a new car. Which feature is most important to you?
Safety rating
Gas mileage
Phone connectivity

Question 9/10
What was always your best subject in school?

Question 10/10
Do you consider yourself to be a very spiritual person?
Yes, I'm very spiritual.
Nope, I don't really believe in anything.
Somewhat, but I have mixed feelings.
Your mind works through acquiring abstract knowledge! You have a very abstract way of thinking that is often outside of the box and not in line with reality. Instead of going by what has happened and what might happen as a result, you look at the bigger picture and find alternative solutions. You're extremely creative, inventive, and imaginative. Your world is rich with possibilities!

Abstract Knowledge
Your mind works through acquiring experimental knowledge! Unlike those who are book smart, you gather most of your information from your surroundings and experiences. Because of this, you are very wise and able to learn from your mistakes. You always approach every new situation head on, knowing that no matter what happens, you'll gain valuable insights into yourself and the world around you.

Experimental Knowledge
Your mind works by acquiring formal knowledge! Your brain doesn't rely on past experiences or situations to solve problems or get by, instead you go through life with a strong sense of intuition and a love of learning the old fashioned way. You love to read, take in new cultures, and analyze. You are a great problem solver with a true knack for making connections that others often miss.

Formal Knowledge
You have a mixed knowledge! Your mind works in many ways. Sometimes you rely on your experiences to get by and other times you take a more logical and analytical approach to everyday life. You're both creative and grounded, which can make you a true tour de force in the work place! Much like the famed inventors of the past, you're never just one thing!

Mixed Knowledge