What Amazing Quality Do You Have?

When people look at you or think about you, there are usually many defining features that stand out to them, but it might be hard for them and yourself to pinpoint. This quiz can help you find out what others may value the most in you!

Question 1/10
When a friend is in trouble, what do you do to help?
Take them to the spa (or equivalent) to relieve stress
Do anything I can to make them laugh
Try to help in any way I can
Tell them how the situation seems through your eyes and what you might do
Tell them that I'm always there for them and you'll get them whatever they need

Question 2/10
When asked a question, how do you respond?
As honestly as possible
However will make them feel the best and make me look good to those around
As honestly as possible, but bending the truth a little if something will make them feel bad
With a really bad joke
However the situation calls for; a serious question needs a serious answer, but jokes are also fine

Question 3/10
What possessions do you value the most?
The gifts that others have given me
My makeup, hair gel, cars etc.
I value the people in my life more than my possesions
My TV, computer, whatever entertains me the most
I tend to value the necessities like food and water more than possessions

Question 4/10
Out of these animals, which ones do you like the most?
Canines, dogs, wolves, etc
Something cool or exotic like a snake
Some kind of fish
Something fun, like a monkey

Question 5/10
When going out to eat, if someone else is paying, how expensive of a meal would you order?
Whatever I want that is still reasonable and if it's expensive, I'll chip in for the bill
I get whatever I want; they shouldn't have taken me out without adequate money
Cheap fast food is fine with me
I try to pick the least expensive thing I'll eat
I just ask them if there's a limit on price

Question 6/10
Do you judge people?
I try not to, but I'm only human
Of course I do
Judging is natural, but if asked, I'd tell them what I think
I have no room to judge anyone with how goofy I am
I do, but I wait until getting to know them to make a more solid opinion that wont change

Question 7/10
What do you value the most in a person?
How nice they are to others, whether they know them or not
Whether or not they'll lie to get what they want
A good sense of humor
That they'll do stuff with me even if they don't want to
That they'll back me up when I need them to

Question 8/10
When are you most likely to lie about something?
Something small, like if a shirt doesn't look good
If I know something will make them feel bad
Most of my lies are jokes, but they don't really count all that much
I don't think I'm likely to lie at all
If it'll get me or my friend out of trouble

Question 9/10
If your friend made food for you but you didn't like it, what would you do?
If I were in front of them, I'd eat some and try to take the rest home so I wont have to eat it or hurt their feelings
I would eat it all anyways, no matter what
I'd make a few jokes about it or going to get fast food, but I'd still eat what I can
I wouldn't eat any of it at all
I'd tell them that I don't like it and either take them out instead or try to cook with them for a fun time

Question 10/10
What do you like to do for fun?
Shopping with friends
Reading or watching TV
Playing around with friends
Charity work
Whatever I feel like at the time
You are a very kind person with a word of good for everybody, even if you don't really get along. You give people as many chances as possible. You hate hurting peoples feelings more than anything, but you also know that honesty is a must for any relationship.

You're a giant goofball who likes to have fun. You're the stress reliever of any group and you love to make your presence known. You may be loud or annoying to some, but the ones who are willing to laugh at (or put up with) all of your bad jokes are the people who'll stick around for a long time.

You value all of the beautiful things in life. You love shopping with friends, looking good, or just relaxing the day away. You may love to socialize and gossip. Some people might say that you're vain or rude, but your honesty is also top notch when it comes to anything fashion related.

Staying true to yourself and your friends is where your loyalties lie, if you don't mind the pun. You'll do anything you can for the people you love and are always willing to stick by them, no matter how hard things may get. You'll point out when your friends are wrong and you'll respectfully try to correct them, even if they might be bull headed.

You're one of the most honest people out there! Even if it hurts someones feelings, you speak your mind and refuse to let anyone hold your opinions down. You're as open as a book when you want to be but you try to keep your negative opinions to yourself until asked.