What Are You Most Nostalgic For?

As you grow older, it's only natural to become nostalgic for what once was. Some of us are nostalgic for certain people, others long for a certain smell or song. What are you most nostalgic for? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out! You may just take a trip down memory lane.

Question 1/10
Where did you spend most of your time when you were a kid?
Outside exploring.
Inside, playing games.
Watching TV.
With my family.
At a friend's house.

Question 2/10
As a kid, Friday nights were for....
Hanging out with friends.
Going out to dinner with the family.
Going on dates.
Watching TV.

Question 3/10
When you think of holidays as a child, which word comes to mind?

Question 4/10
How much do you miss FAMILY from when you were younger?
Very much, I think of them all the time.
A little bit.
It depends on the time of year.
Not much at all.

Question 5/10
Which smell is your favorite?
Fresh cut grass
Cinnamon and spice
Fresh laundry
Buttered popcorn

Question 6/10
What do you think is the best part of being young?
The friendships
The adventure
The firsts
The lack of responsibility
The freedom

Question 7/10
When was the last time you were in your childhood home?
Whenever I last visited my parents.
When I was a teenager.
When I was a kid.
I can't recall.

Question 8/10
Is it easy for you to cry during a romantic movie?
Yes, very easily.
Somewhat easily.
Not easily at all.

Question 9/10
Where are most of your photos?
In my phone
On my computer
On my walls
In a scrapbook
In a memory box

Question 10/10
If you could go back in time and do things over, would you?
Yes, in a heartbeat.
Nah, I like the way things are.
Nope, not a chance.
You're most nostalgic for certain smells. To you, smell is a very powerful thing. Whether it's your Grandmother's perfume or the smell of fresh cut grass, you're most nostalgic for the smells of your youth. The great thing about scent? We can capture a moment any time anywhere!

Certain Smells
You're most nostalgic for your childhood! While some people are more than happy to leave childhood in the dust, you secretly still long for those feelings and memories that only childhood can bring. Whether it was summers spent outside or the friendships that helped you to come of age, you can't help but feel nostalgic for a simpler and more pure time in your life.

Your Childhood
You're most nostalgic for old TV shows! Whether it was the cartoons you watched on Saturday morning over a bowl of cereal or the after-school specials that taught you about life, you truly miss the old TV shows of your youth. Somehow, it just seems like modern programs can't hold a candle to what once was!

Old TV Shows
You're most nostalgic for falling in love! Nothing can quite beat the feeling of falling in love, especially for the first time. Though you may be quite happy in a relationship, you miss that feeling of falling head over heals for someone new. Especially when you were young and just learning about life and love.

Falling In Love
You're most nostalgic for holidays! Whether it was the excitement of Christmas morning of the buzz in the air as your family arrived for Thanksgiving, you truly miss holidays as a kid. Surrounded by family and the magic of childhood, every holiday took on a truly special and one of a kind meaning. Curb your nostalgia by making new traditions today!