What Are You Subconsciously Afraid Of?

Subconsciously speaking, we all have deep seated fears. Do you think you know what you're afraid of? Take these 10 questions and find out what's subconsciously scaring you.

Question 1/10
Which of these activities do you dread the most?
Work meetings
Family gatherings
Giving a speech
First date

Question 2/10
If you could time travel back to any time period in your life, which time period would you choose?
Age 5-10
Age 15-20
Age 21-26
Age 26-40
I wouldn't want to go back

Question 3/10
Do you regret anything that you've done in your life?
Yes, I've made a lot of mistkaes
I regret some things
I try not to regret anything
No the past made me who I am today

Question 4/10
Would you rather be rich or in poor health or healthy but poor?
Rich and in poor health
Healthy but poor
Why can't I be healthy and rich?

Question 5/10
Are you currently in a committed relationship?
Yes and its great
No and I'm not happy about it
Yes but it's shaky
No and I'm okay with it

Question 6/10
Would you consider yourself to be more of an introvert or an extrovert?
A little bit of both

Question 7/10
What is your favorite genre of music?

Question 8/10
What was your greatest fear as a child?
Monsters in the closet
The dark
Getting lost
Being alone

Question 9/10
What do you believe is the most important thing in life?

Question 10/10
Do you consider yourself to be a religious or spiritual person?
Yes definitely
I'm not sure
You are subconsciously afraid of failure. Like so many of us, the thought of striking out, failing, and faltering is a very scary thought. No one likes to make mistakes or stumble because doing so can often lead to change. You take pride in yourself and doing your best, the thought of coming up short often keeps you up at night.

You are subconsciously afraid of loneliness. Let's face it, the thought of journeying through life alone can be an isolating and terrifying thought. Everyone want's someone to share their best and worst moments with, including you. The thought of never finding companionship in some capacity scares you to the core.

You subconsciously fear betrayal. Perhaps you've been hurt before, so you know the deep aching pain that can accompany a betrayal of trust. It is difficult for you to give your all to someone, due to the fear that they could hurt you by betraying your trust.

You subconsciously fear success. Although it may seem silly to fear success, it is a very common anxiety. The thought of having success and it not being what you thought it would be or feeling as if you no longer have anything to work towards, can scare you to the core.

You subconsciously fear change. You are a creature that revels in comfort. You don't feel as if change is necessary and often fear it in small doses. You like your life just the way it is and the thought of something interrupting your contentment is a terrifying thought.