What Are You Thankful For?

What makes you happy?

Question 1/10
Do you have a big family?
Yes, even without extended family
Yes, but only with extended family

Question 2/10
Do you like spending time with your family?
Every waking hour
When I have to
I don't like being around them at all

Question 3/10
Are you in a relationship?
I've never been in a relationship

Question 4/10
How long was your longest relationship?
A few months
A year
A couple years

Question 5/10
Do you own a house?
No, I'm renting
No, I still live at home

Question 6/10
Do you like staying in or going out?
Staying in
Going out
It depends on my mood

Question 7/10
Do you have a good job?
Yes, I love my job
My job is okay
I hate my job

Question 8/10
Are you happy with the amount of money you make?
Yes, very happy
I could be making more
I don't even have a job

Question 9/10
Do you enjoy exercising?
Yes, I exercise everyday
No, but I do it anyway
I never exercise

Question 10/10
Do you eat healthy?
Yes, it's my preferred way of eating
Once in a while
There's nothing more important in your life than your family. You appreciate having them in your life and you couldn't imagine not having them. You feel happiest surrounded by your loved ones.

You're thankful for love in this life. You posses the ability to be loved deeply and have others love you and you're incredibly appreciative of that.

What you happen to be thankful for is none other than shelter. Not many people have this basic necessity so you feel incredibly lucky that you have it.

You happen to be extremely thankful for your career! You know that it can be difficult for others to find a job so you're happy that you even the opportunity to have one.

Your Career
You're thankful for the good health you are in! It's important to be in good health and you make sure to always look after it.

Your Health