What Career Did You Have In Your Past Life?

Whether you believe in reincarnation or if you're just bored on the internet, your interests can tell you a lot about what career you might have had in your past life. Are you a thrill seeker? A quiet soul? Find out what's suited to you here!

Question 1/10
Are you an active person?
I walk a lot, but not much of anything else
I don't do much at all
I like to go hiking sometimes if there's some kind of historical dig
I'm always doing something
I do enough to benefit me, not much more

Question 2/10
What would you prefer to do for fun?
Skateboard, surf, anything exciting
Shop or watch something at the theater
Go out on a nature trail to observe

Question 3/10
What do you usually spend money on?
My cars/bikes
Clothes, cars, movies, pretty much anything and everything I want
Whatever I need, nothing more

Question 4/10
What kind of experiments do you like to do?
I usually read about them rather than doing them myself
Anything and everything, cooking, growing bacteria, plants, you name it
Usually trying out new tricks in parkour or on my bikes
I don't really do experiments, I just go out and find cool things
I try to see how much I can buy for a certain amount of money

Question 5/10
What is your favorite subject?

Question 6/10
During special occasions, how do you celebrate?
A bottle of wine with friends
Spending all of the time talking about what the special occasion is about and seeing what everyone feels about it
Documenting what happened through facebook or photo albums
Throwing the biggest and most fun party possible
Having a formal event to celebrate with everyone

Question 7/10
How do you like to dress?
Business casual most of the time, not too under dressed but not overboard
Whatever's comfortable and allows movement
Whatever I can just throw on
Anything I don't mind getting dirty
The most up to date fashions

Question 8/10
What type of car do you prefer?
Fast and sleek
A piece of junk that works is fine
Something modest but doesn't look like crap
Kind of big but fuel efficient
Luxury cars

Question 9/10
What would anger you the most?
Not getting what I want
Someone desecrating monuments
Skewed or faulty information
Getting sick
Poorly taken care of possessions

Question 10/10
What can you not live without?
Fun and thrills
The past
Your thirst for all knowledge leads me to believe that you were a librarian in your past life! You love anything to do with books from the contents to the smell of the pages. Your desire to learn helps you out in the long run, even if it ends up just being random facts that aren't applicable in daily life!

Your love of science leads me to believe that you were a scientist! You may be a bit calculating and only like to do things if it benefits you. You may have been an astronomer, a biologist, or anything in between, but your love of science is undoubted! You have a thirst for knowledge and experimenting is your forte, so don't let it go to waste!

You are an adventurous person so that leads me to believe you were some kind of stunt double or extreme sports player in the past! You have no worries about getting your hands dirty or getting hurt. You love the adventure and the adrenaline rush in a thrill, but make sure you don't go overboard!

Stunt Double
Your love of history leads me to believe that you were some kind of historian! You have a love of the past and all things that happened up until now. You may have been an archaeologist or simply a history teacher, but your passion has never gone unnoticed!

Your lavish lifestyle leads me to believe that you were rich in your past life! You may be a bit spoiled and indulgent on things that you love, but in the life you have now, you're on a good path to being humble, even if your roots are showing through!