What Career Suits Your Personality?

You have unique talents and abilities that will have a positive impact on your professional life, that is if you choose the right career path. Take this quiz to find out what career suits your personality.

Question 1/10
Pick a shoe.
None of these

Question 2/10
Are you more creative or analytical?
I don't know

Question 3/10
Would you rather have a bigger paycheck, or more vacation time?
Bigger paycheck
More vacation
I don't know

Question 4/10
Do you enjoy going to work conventions?
I am a presenter
None of these

Question 5/10
Do you like to travel?
I don't know

Question 6/10
Are you easily stressed?
I don't know

Question 7/10
Do you prefer to work as a team or as an individual?
I don't know

Question 8/10
Do you prefer an office with four walls or working on the go?
Office with 4 walls
Working on the go
I don't know

Question 9/10
Do you have a higher education degree?
I don't know

Question 10/10
How organized are you?
Very organized
I need a secretary
I go with the flow
None of these
You are a rolling stone who wants to explore what the world has to offer and inspire others to do the same. This is a career that probably won't make you rich, but you get to travel the world for a living. That's something that most people work their whole lives to have the freedom to do. The career of a travel writer suits your personality.

Travel Writer
You have the unique ability to lead people. You allow others the freedom to come up with creative solutions and they want to give you their best performance in order to please you. You can do all of this while still making the difficult decisions that are best for your company. The career of a CEO suits your personality.

You are meticulous and have an astute attention to detail. You are used to getting what you want, even if it means persuading others to see things from your perspective. You believe in the Justice System despite all of its flaws and will fight for the innocent. The career of a lawyer suits your personality.

You are artistic and creative. You love helping others feel beautiful. You can deal with the stress of working with high profile clients, brides, and divas. It's time to clean off your brushes and sharpen your beauty regime because the career of a make up artist suits your personality.

Make Up Artist
You were meant for the spotlight. You have a special gift or talent that you need to share with the world. You might have a beautiful voice or be a talented actress who is afraid to take that nest step. Stop living in fear. Now is the time to go out on a limb and share your talent with the world. The career of a performer suits your personality.