What Century Is Your Soul From?

Do you feel like you were once alive in a different time? Do you have strange dreams or visions of a far away place? You might just be from a different century! Want to know what century your soul is from? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
There’s a yard sale going on in your neighborhood. What do you buy?
Pewter cups
A pearl necklace
A pocket watch
A piece of art work

Question 2/10
It’s time for a midnight snack, and you’re starving. What looks the tastiest?
A rich pastry
Grilled stew
Leftover fish
Cheese and crackers

Question 3/10
You need a new outfit. What catches your eye?
Whatever is on sale.
Anything practical.
The latest styles.
Something vibrant and flashy.

Question 4/10
It’s your birthday! What do you hope to get as a present?

Question 5/10
At first glance, in another life you would've been a:

Question 6/10
Which friendly animal would you like to meet in your travels?
A dog
A cat
A horse
A mule

Question 7/10
Could you have lived comfortably 100 years ago?
I'm not sure

Question 8/10
What's your idea of a perfect day?
Sunny and warm
Dark and stormy
Windy and cool

Question 9/10
Your phone died, and you don’t have a charger. How do you feel?
Oh well, I don't really need it anyway.
What if I miss something?
Who cares, freedom!

Question 10/10
What’s your vice?
Anything sweet
Your soul is from the 1500s! If you've ever wondered where you're creativity and sense of wonder come from- this may be the piece to the puzzle you've been looking for. You're drawn to anything that is beautiful, artistic, and handcrafted. You're an artisan at heart and yearn for a more simple time in which beauty and creativity were still treasured.

The 1500s
Your soul is from the early 1900s! You're an old soul who probably came of age in the roaring 20s! You know how to deal with tragedy, how to embrace prosperity, and how to beat any odds that aren't in your favor. You're a highly progressive and open-minded soul who believes that anything is possible and that ingenuity can breed the greatest inventions!

The 1900s
You're from the 1700s! You're rebellious at heart and independent in spirit. You don't take life lying down and are always willing to fight for the things you believe in. Tradition, family, and faith are very important to you, which means protecting your ideals and values is what truly brings meaning to your life.

The 1700s
You're from 500 AD! You're an incredibly strong and resilient soul who has overcome many challenges in life. You're fascinated by ancient history and tend to feel most aligned with the traditions and customs of a time long ago. Sometimes you can't help but feel drawn to a big medieval castle or a beautiful stallion.

500 AD