What Costume Should You Wear To A Halloween Party?

Should you wear something spooky or something goofy?

Question 1/10
What type of costumes do you prefer?
Something sexy
Something scary
Low effort costume
Classic costume

Question 2/10
What is Halloween to you?
A time to party
All about the scares
A time to celebrate with family and friends
A time to trick or treat
A time to be creative

Question 3/10
Favorite type of candy?
Something fruity

Question 4/10
Do you get scared easily?
Very easily
Not really
Not at all

Question 5/10
Pick a movie to watch on Halloween
Nightmare On Elm Street
Blair Witch Project
Paranormal Activity

Question 6/10
What will you most likely be doing for Halloween?
Trick or treating
Throwing a party
Scaring people
Attending a party
Not sure

Question 7/10
Do you enjoy creating your own costumes or buying them?
Creating them
Buying them
I don't care either way

Question 8/10
What would you most likely be doing at a Halloween party?
Scaring everyone that passes me
Flirting around
Just talking with everyone
Probably off to the side by the food

Question 9/10
What's the most important part of a Halloween costume?
Standing out
Being as scary as possible
That it's comfy and effortless
That it looks cute
I'm unsure

Question 10/10
Favorite part about fall?
Pumpkin flavored everything
The scary aspect of Halloween
The weather
A classic costume, you can go simple with just a white sheet or get creative with paint and effects.

A loved classic, you can create this costume in many different ways. You can go scary, fancy or a mixture of both.

A great time for a full moon, you can buy a costume or choose to go diy with it.

Spooky and fun, this costume is probably going to be one of the more common ones at the party. Adds your own twist to make it unique.

A costume that can you look cute or fierce. You're sure to be popular at the parties.