What % Do You Resemble your Pet?

They say that pet owners often resemble their pets. Does this hold true for you? Do you often catch yourself doing things only your pet would do? Answer these 10 quiz questions truthfully and we'll decide what percent you resemble your pet. Are you turning into your four legged friend after all? The quiz will reveal all!

Question 1/10
What kind of pet do you currently own?

Question 2/10
When you look out of a window, you tend to focus on....
The birds outside.
Passing cars.
People walking.
The trees.
The weather.

Question 3/10
Do you enjoy going for long leisurely walks?
They're one of my favorite things.
Sure, they can be fun.
I love a nice walk.
Only when the weather is nice.
Not really, I'm more of an indoor person.

Question 4/10
When someone surprises you, it's not uncommon for you to...
Jump a few feet in the air, they scared me!
Shriek or let out a yelp.
Fight them, it's my response!
Cry out of shock or fear.
Laugh hysterically.

Question 5/10
What is your natural eye color?

Question 6/10
Do you and your pet have the same color hair/fur?
It's kind oIt's kind of similar...

Question 7/10
When you meet someone new, do you get very excited?
Yes, I love meeting new people.
Kind of, it depends on the situation.
Not really, I'm very shy.

Question 8/10
How long do you spend grooming yourself in the morning?
A few minutes.
No more than 15 minutes.
A half hour or so.
About an hour.
Several hours.

Question 9/10
Do you tend to leave your hair everywhere?
It's practically a calling card at this point.
I'm a bit of a shedder.
In certain seasons.
Nah, I don't shed.

Question 10/10
Has anyone ever told you that you resemble your pet?
Yes, more than once.
No never.
Possibly, I may have forgotten.
Not only are you 100% like your pet, but we're not even sure you and your pet are two separate entities anymore! Aside from looking just like your four legged friend, you've picked up on some of their traits. Digging in the garden? Flopping on the bed? You and your pet are just about as close as a pet and owner can be!

100% Like Your Pet
You're 80% like your pet! Let's face it- you and your pet are basically one in the same. Not only do you kind of look alike, but you tend to do the same things. Whether it's begging for food or taking long leisurely walks outside. You've become your dog and they've become you. Best friends for life? We sure think so!

80% Like Your Pet
You're 50% like your pet! Okay, so not only do you and your pet look alike, but you seem to have a bit more in common than the average pet and owner. You both enjoy many of the same things and tend to want to do whatever the other is doing. Are you and your pet truly best friends? That's a yes from us!

50% Like Your Pet
You're only 35% like your pet! Though you don't really resemble your pet very much, you have picked up on a few of your pet's traits. Sometimes you even have to catch yourself from digging in the garden or sniffing flowers along a walk! Though you're not two peas in a pod, you have more in common than most. Hey, twinning isn't everything.

35% Like Your Pet
You're only 10% like your pet! Sure, we know you love your pet and would do anything to make them happy. Sadly, you don't look very much like your pet just yet. Aside from looking like your four legged friend, we won't catch you doing anything very animal like either. Digging in the garden and stealing food? Not you!

10% Like Your Pet