What Do Your Fashion Choices Say About You?

What are they saying about your individuality?

Question 1/10
Do you like to wear revealing clothes?
All day, everyday
On occasion
No, never

Question 2/10
Do you like wearing solid colors?
Solid colors are my favorite
Not really

Question 3/10
Have you ever made your own clothes?
All of my clothes are homemade
I've tried to, but they turned out bad

Question 4/10
Do you have any piercings?
Yes, I have many
I have a few
I have none

Question 5/10
Do you wear what's in-style at the time?
Yes, whatever is trending
It depends

Question 6/10
Do you change your style often?
Almost everyday
A few times a year
I have one style

Question 7/10
Do you wear hoodies often?
All the time
When it's cold
I never wear hoodies

Question 8/10
Do you wear baggy clothes?
Yes, they are my favorite
When I'm in the mood
No, all of my clothes are tight

Question 9/10
Do you wear whatever is comfortable?
Only when I'm home
No, clothes are meant to be uncomfortable

Question 10/10
Is t-shirt and jeans your outfit of choice?
Yes, I like keeping it simple
When I'm not going anywhere important
No, I hate t-shirts and jeans
Your fashion choices show that you're a rather bold person. You're not afraid to experiment with colors or patterns. You know you stand out and you have no problem attracting the attention.

You're Bold
Your clothing choices show that you're rather creative. You take risks with your outfits and you usually can pull of the eccentric looks. People usually look to you for fashion inspiration.

You're Creative
You usually follow the trends according to your fashion choices! You like to blend in and wear things that are rather popular. You like being fashionable and you're comfortable with what you have.

You're Trendy
You happen to be a pretty shy individual according to your fashion choices! You don't like standing out much so you wear more casual and simple clothing. You stick to what you know and rarely stray.

You're Shy
You don't like too much of a fuss when it comes to your clothing. You like being comfortable and not having to worry about putting together an amazing outfit.

You're Simple