What Do Your Favorite Slang Words Say About You?

Most everyone uses slang words whether they realize it or not. Sometimes different generations use different slang, but other times one person will know decades worth of slang. What do your favorite slang words say about you? Take this quiz to find out?

Question 1/10
Someone is acting crazy. What would you call them?

Question 2/10
What do you call something that is awesome?
Out of this world

Question 3/10
You are in love. What pet name do you give your partner?

Question 4/10
Your group of friends is also called your...
Just my friend group

Question 5/10
What do you call it when you spend time with your friends?
Hanging out
Palling around
Kicking back

Question 6/10
If you are having fun, you would say you are

Question 7/10
Someone is being rude. What do you call them?
Hot and bothered

Question 8/10
Do you often mix slang and swears?
All the ****ing time

Question 9/10
Something surprising happens. You say:
Oh my
What the heck?

Question 10/10
What phrase do you use the most often?
Cool beans
That stinks
That's bananas
The slang you use shows that you are one cool cat. You always know what's up and when something sick is going down. All of your friends that think are are hip. Prove to them that you are by keeping up your rad attitude.

You Are A Cool Cat
All of your friends are sure to say that you are the bee's knees. You always know where the coolest parties are and you are sure to show everyone you know a good time. Other's are likely to give you a pat on the back for being this great.

You Are The Bee's Knees
The way you talk and act makes you sound like a cool surfer or skate dude or dudette. You always sound like you are in a good mood, even if you don't aways know what you are talking about. You are sure to make others are you laugh all of the time.

You Are Totally Tubular
So, you may not actually be a nerd, but the slang you use is a little outdated, and it can make you sound like one sometimes. Get updated on current slang if you want to sound cool insted of sounding like a fool. Of course... knowing older slang may make you sound smarter... Learning new slang might make you sound too cool for school. Are you ready for that?

You Are A Point Dexter
So, you might not actually be very old, but your favorite slang is way outdated. You will need to update the slang you use if you want the kids to think you are hip...or whatever word the kids are using instead of "hip" nowadays. If you learn new slang, then you could go from sounding like an elderly koot to the coolest kid on the block.

You Are An Old Geezer