What Do Your Grocery Shopping Habits Say About You?

Who you become at the grocery store speaks volumes about the type of person you really are! What will your grocery habits reveal about you as a person? Can we hit the nail on the end with this personality quiz? Shop on and find out!

Question 1/10
What do you always do before going grocery shopping?
Grab my reusable bags.
Make a shopping list.
Sort my coupons.
Meal plan.
I just head to the store.

Question 2/10
How often do you go to the grocery store per week?
Once a week, I get it all out of the way.
Twice a week, one big order and then some extras.
Three times a week.
Five days a week.
I stop by everyday.

Question 3/10
Do you take your own bags with you?
Every time.
Most of the time- sometimes I forget.
I try to, but sometimes I don't have enough.
I just use the plastic bags.
I use paper bags when possible.

Question 4/10
What time of day do you typically head to the store?
In the morning, when it is least full.
After work.
Whenever the mood strikes.
In the evening.
Depends on the day.

Question 5/10
Do you plan your meals ahead of time?
Yes, I make a detailed list of the weeks meals.
I plan meals and snacks.
I plan lunches, but that's about it.
I don't plan a thing.

Question 6/10
Which section of the store do you hit up first?

Question 7/10
Is there one item you always buy more of than anything else?
Fruits and vegetables.

Question 8/10
Do you only shop on the perimeter, or do you venture into the inside aisles?
I mostly shop the perimeter.
I shop both.
I mainly shop inside aisles.
It depends on my mood.

Question 9/10
How often do you go to the food store hungry?

Question 10/10
When you plan the grocery store trip, do you plan out a budget?
To the penny.
I know about how much I want to spend.
I do, but I always go over.
I never make a budget.
I don't but I'd like to.
Your shopping habits reveal that you enjoy instant gratification! You're not someone who likes to plan in advance what you're going to buy or go into the store with a list. In fact, you typically end up at the store on impulse, giving into a craving or feeling inspired by something you saw online. Unfortunately, this can lead you to a little bit of buyer's remorse in the grocery department!

You Enjoy Instant Gratification
Some people will go out of their way to save a couple of dollars or get the best deal. Others will only buy certain items if their on sale. You are not one of these people! To you, shopping is all about convenience. You go to the closest store and buy whatever is on your list, whether it's on sale or not. You're not about to hop around from place to place just to save a couple of dollars!

You Enjoy Convenience
Your grocery shopping habits have revealed that you're a very Type-A organized person! Not only do you always head to the store with a proper list, but you have your meals and snacks for the week all planned out. You know what's on sale and you have the well-organized stack of coupons to match. You never go into a store without a game plan, a budget, and a set list of what you need.

You're Very Type-A
Your grocery shopping habits have revealed that you're a very conscientious person! Not only do you have a list and a meal plan, but you strive to buy organic and natural items rather than processed foods. You always carry a reusable shopping bag and tend to make as few trips to the store as possible, thus helping to save on gas and emissions.

You're Very Conscientious
Your grocery shopping habits have revealed that you're quite sensitive to emotion! You tend to make lots of impulse buys and stock up on lots of junk food, especially when you're feeling bad. You're sentimentally bound to certain brands and even feel a bit of nostalgia for food items. You don't always shop when you feel your best, which means many shopping decisions are made with your heart rather than your head!

You're Sensitive To Emotion