What Do Your Manners Say About You?

Your manners and etiquette can speak volumes about who you are and what you believe to be true. What do your manners actually say about you? Take these 10 etiquette filled quiz questions and find out. You might not be who you think you are!

Question 1/10
How rude is wasting people's time?
It's the worst thing in the world, time is precious.
Eh, time moves pretty slowly.
It's not polite.
It's pretty insulting.
It's not a big deal.

Question 2/10
Do you ever look at your phone at dinner?
Constantly, especially if I'm bored.
No, I don't even bring my phone out.
Occasionally, when there are breaks in conversation.
No, but I do have my phone on the table.

Question 3/10
How would you start an email to a friend?
I would just say whatever I'm saying.
"Hey, _______."
"Dear ________, "
Name, etc.

Question 4/10
How would you close an email to someone you don't know?
I would just send it as is.
"All the best"
"Yours truly"
Just my name.

Question 5/10
How do you thank someone for a nice evening?
Text them.
Tell them next time.
Send a Thank You card.
Write a nice email.
Thank them personally.

Question 6/10
Do you always RSVP?
No, they know I'm coming.
Always, in writing.
Yes, but I don't always show up.
I'll shoot them a text.

Question 7/10
What do you bring to a dinner party?
Whatever the host asked for.
Nothing, I'm the gift.

Question 8/10
You arrived early for a dinner. What do you do?
Drive around the block for awhile.
Wait in my car.
Knock and go in.
Leave and come back later.

Question 9/10
How much do you curse?
Pretty much every other word.
Every now and then.
Several times a day.
When something bad happens.
Almost never

Question 10/10
How much do you gossip?
Your manners say that you're stubborn! You're the type of person who likes things done your way or not at all. When you don't want to do something, you simply dig in your heels and refuse to do so. Few folks are quite as stubborn as you!

You're Stubborn
Your manners have revealed that you're eager to please! You've always been a people pleaser who simply wants to make other people happy. You'll stop at nothing to make a good impression and truly gain some recognition from those you care for.

You're Eager To Please
Your manners have revealed that you're a free spirit! Let's be honest, you're not the type of person who cares much about rules or etiquette. You tend to just go with the flow and do your own thing. While you'll never be rude on purpose, manners just don't play a big role in your life!

You're A Free Spirit
Your manners have revealed that you're a total perfectionist! You come from the school of thought that if you can't do something perfectly, then you don't want to do it at all. When it comes to manners, you aim to get every bit of etiquette right the first time, especially when at a dinner or event.

You're A Perfectionist
Your manners have revealed that you're creative! While you are very polite and have good etiquette, you're also creative and love to bend the rules. While you'd never be rude on purpose, you don't take etiquette and manners as seriously as some!

You're Creative