What Do Your Parents REALLY Think Of You?

Most of us would love to think that we're the apple of our parent's eyes. But what do your parents really think of you? Do they see you in the way that you think they do? Answer these 10 quiz questions and we'll reveal what your parents really see when they look at you!

Question 1/10
How often do you see your parents?
On major holidays.
A few times a year.
Once or twice a month.
Every week.
Almost everyday.

Question 2/10
The last argument you got into with your parents probably had to do with...
My siblings.
My dating life.
My parenting style.
My job.
My choices.

Question 3/10
Have you ever missed a parent's birthday?
No, I'm not a monster!
Just once, but I had a good excuse.
Not that I can recall.
Yes, I just always seem to forget.

Question 4/10
At what age did you move out of your parent's house?
As soon as I could.
After college
In my mid-twenties
Around age 30
Move out? I'm still there!

Question 5/10
At family gatherings, how do you behave?
I spend most of my time with my parents.
I hang out with all the cousins.
I chat with everyone.
I get a little drunk.
I hang out with the kids.

Question 6/10
Do your parents know your friends?
Yes and they love them!
They've met a few times.
No, they've never met.
Yes, but they don't really like them.

Question 7/10
How would you describe your romantic life?
It's great, I'm happily married!
It's going well, I'm in a serious relationship.
I'm playing the field or getting back out there.
I'm single and loving it.
It's complicated.

Question 8/10
As a teenager, did you spend a lot of your free time with your parents?
Yes, probably too much.
If I didn't have anything else going on.
Nope, I was always out and about.

Question 9/10
In high school, what kind of grades did you get?
Mostly As
A mix of As and Bs
Mostly Bs
Mostly Cs
Let's not talk about that.

Question 10/10
If your parent's were to criticize on one area of your life, it would likely be...
My love life.
My career.
My personal life.
My hobbies.
They wouldn't criticize me on anything!
Your parents think you're a just a little bit aimless! Sometimes, you just drift about and don't seem to have much direction. You like to try out different jobs and just can't seem to find the right relationship. While you're happy to explore your options in life, your parents think you're just beating around the bush.

They Think You're A Bit Aimless.
Your parents are proud of your work ethic! You've always been someone who works hard and sets a lot of goals for yourself. Your parents have most definitely noticed. They know just how you strive for a good life and the lengths you go to in order to make your dreams a reality. Your parents couldn't be more proud!

They're Proud Of Your Work Ethic!
Your parents absolutely love who you've become! Though you may have had a few rocky moments as a teen and young adult, you've grown into the type of person your parents adore. Kind, hard working, thoughtful and funny. You're the apple of your parent's eyes for good reason!

They Love Who You've Become!
Your parents think you're just a bit too fickle! While you see yourself as adventurous and daring, always willing to try new things or move on the next great act in life, your parent think you're fickle. They're not sure you have the follow through or drive to be as successful as they think you can be!

They Think You're Too Fickle.
Your parents think you need to grow up! Sure, your parents love and would do absolutely anything to make you happy, yet they think you need to break off and grow up. You've depended on your parents for a bit too long and now it's time to strike out on your own. While they'll always catch you if you fall, they secretly want to push you out of the nest!

They Think You Need To Grow Up.