What Do Your Parents Say About You Behind Your Back?

You might know what your parents say to your face, but what are your parents actually saying about you behind your back? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal exactly what your parents think!

Question 1/10
What kind of grades did you bring home in high school?
Mostly A's
Mostly B's
Mostly C's
Mostly D's
I'd rather not say....

Question 2/10
What was your best subject in school?

Question 3/10
What are you most likely to do to help your parents out?
Cook them a great meal
Help them with yard work
Run errands for them
Help them catch up on laundry
Make them cook for me

Question 4/10
Who do you go to for advice?
My mentor
My best friend
My parents
My significant other
The internet

Question 5/10
What are you most likely to do for your mother's birthday?
Buy her a card
Take her out to dinner
Bake her a cake
Spend the day with her
Book her a spa vacation

Question 6/10
Which old school hobby are you most likely to try?
Cross stitch

Question 7/10
Do you love your job?
I'm not sure

Question 8/10
Where are you most likely to volunteer at?
An animal shelter
A local homeless shelter
A local little league team
At the school PTO
None of these

Question 9/10
Which vacation sounds like the most fun to you?
Mardi Gras in New Orleans
A historical trip in Ireland
The beaches of Greece
Going to Disney World

Question 10/10
What's the last gift you gave your parents?
A calendar
A trip
A meal
A bottle of wine
Chocolates or food
Behind your back, your parents love to talk about how you're with the wrong person! Parent's always like to believe that they know what's best, especially when it comes to your love life! Though you might be enamored with your current beau, your parents think otherwise.

That You're With The Wrong Person!
Behind your back, your parents love to talk about how you're a great parent! Your parents are truly impressed with your ability to parent, soothe, and nurture your kids. They're proud of the parent you've become and the true knack you have for kids!

That You're A Great Parent!
Behind your back, your parents love to talk about how you should be more like your sibling! Growing up, you always had the sneaking suspicion that you weren't exactly the favorite. Your sibling was an over achiever who always seemed to have it together. To this day, your parents still compare you to your seemingly perfect sibling!

That You Should Be More Like Your Sibling!
Behind your back, your parents love to talk about how you're so hardworking! Your parents are super proud of the motivated and hardworking person that you've become. You never shy away from a challenge and always embrace the opportunity to grow! Go you!

That You're Hardworking!
Behind your back, your parents love to talk about how you need to get your life together! Though you might be on your own path and going your own pace, your parents always talk about how they wish you would get your life together. Sure, you might be happy with how things are going, but your parents think things should be a bit different!

That You Need To Get Your Life Together!