What Do Your Shopping Habits Say About You?

You may love to shop until you drop, but what do your shopping habits really say about you as a person? Do your habits speak for themselves? Take these quiz questions and find out what your shopping habits say about you. Ready? Begin!

Question 1/10
How often do you go shopping?
Twice a season
Once a season
Whenever I feel like it.
Whenever I need something.
It varies.

Question 2/10
How expensive is your most expensive pair of shoes?

Question 3/10
Do any of the items in your closet still have the tags on them?
More than a few pieces.
A piece or two.
No, I wear everything I buy.
Yes, but only so I can wear it and return it.

Question 4/10
How often do you buy a new outfit for a special occasion?

Question 5/10
Do you tend to shop more online or in a store?
I do almost all of my shopping online.
I do some of my shopping online.
I prefer to shop in a store.
It depends on my mood.

Question 6/10
Aside from bills, what do you spend the most money on every month?
Food/eating out

Question 7/10
Which of these things is most likely to influence what you buy?
Social media
A TV commercial
My friends
A magazine
A celebrity

Question 8/10
What do you do for fun?
Shopping mostly!
Hang out with my friends.
Work out/ get outside
Watch TV

Question 9/10
What type of word can be used to describe you?

Question 10/10
When making a buying decision, which affects you the most?
Brand name
Your shopping habits revealed that you often feel like you're missing something in life! You're not quite sure what's missing- so you try to fill that empty space with things that you like to buy. While your purchases don't always make you feel happier, they do make you feel like you're working towards finding that missing piece.

You Feel Like You're Missing Something.
Your shopping habits revealed that you're a perfectionist who needs to be the best! You don't want to wear second rate clothes or have a house filled with unfashionable goods. You want to be the best and look the best at all times. Sometimes, you're a bit too hard on yourself when it comes to being perfect. Remember, you're awesome exactly as you are right now!

You Need To Be The Best.
Your shopping habits revealed that you want to feel like you belong! You really do want to fit in and feel like you belong. Shopping is a way for you to buy the things you think you need to fit in with your pals and be a part of the group. While it's nice to keep up with your friends- it's better to embrace all of the things that make you so great right now!

You Want To Feel Like You Belong.
Your shopping habits revealed that you're often pretty bored! You don't often shop because you really need something or even want something, instead, you often shop because you're just pretty darn bored. Instead of letting your bank account take the hit- try picking up a hobby that isn't shopping!

You're Bored.
Your shopping habits revealed that you're just genuinely excited about life! You love life and want to live each day to the fullest. Sometimes that means finding the perfect outfit to fit the bill. You shop because it makes you feel as if you're ready for whatever adventure life is going to throw your way next.

You're Excited About Life.