What Does Friendship Mean To You?

Are you the type of person that has the same best friend since childhood, or do friends come and go in your life? Are you looking for a soulmate in your friendship or do you have different friends for different activities? Take this quiz to uncover how you view friendship and what type of friend you are.

Question 1/10
My favorite color is
The Rainbow, it's too hard to choose

Question 2/10
If you could speak to anyone from history, who would it be?
Mother Theresa
Queen Elizabeth I
Harriet Tubman
Leonardo da Vinci

Question 3/10
Would you rather
Sit Down to a nice family dinner
Check out an Indian Psychedelic Fusion band that is playing at the local music venue
Game night and pizza!

Question 4/10
In your free time would you rather
Go for a hike
Join a volleyball team
Go shopping with your best friend
Plan your next European vacation

Question 5/10
When it comes to your hair
Wash and go
I have a standing appointment with my favorite stylist
I like to try new things

Question 6/10
Are you a dreamer
Yes indeed, go big or go home!
I live with both feet firmly planted on the ground
I like to think my dreams are practical

Question 7/10
Are you
A damsel in distress
Fearless and independent
Somewhere in between

Question 8/10
Which of the following movies would you rather see
Silver Lining Playbook
Au Revoir Les Enfants
Finding Neverland
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Question 9/10
I need to know what my best friend is doing when we are apart
Mostly True
I don't have a besty

Question 10/10
Favorite Talk Show Host
Jimmy Fallon
Trevor Noah
You are the tried and true best friend! You have had the same bff for ever. You talk, text and see each other almost every day. When you are at a crossroad, he/she is the one you lean on and you are in turn his/her rock.

Best Friends Forever
You have a group of friends that you consider yourself close to and you cherish them. You are frequently planning get togethers with your close knit group of pals or going out with "the gang." When you are struggling with something in your life, you reach out to the group's collective conscience via a girl's night out.

The Gangs All Here
You make friends and keep them, however you don't consider anyone your "best friend." You are pragmatic in that you know your feelings can change, people change therefore your perception of others and feelings toward them remain fluid.

Don't Play Favorites
You are a traditionalist who stays close to home. Your best friend is probably someone in your family, a sister perhaps. Your life revolves around your family and those close to you. Your motto is, "family first."

Close To Home
You love to travel and meet new people. Your contact list is constantly growing because you make friends wherever you go! You especially love to keep up with them through your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed. You are the type of person who can pick up where you left off with a friend you may not have seen or spoken to in years!

Friends Near And Far