What Does Your Office Space Say About You?

Is your office space/desk really indicative of who you are as a person? According to science, it's 100% true. How you keep your office space speaks volumes about who you are as a person. So, what is your office space saying about you? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Let's start with an easy question. Is your desk in a cubicle, an office, or a bedroom?
Something else

Question 2/10
Which best describes the chair you use?
Big and cushy
Sleek and stylish
Hard and wooden
A rubber ball

Question 3/10
Do you have food on your desk for other people to eat?
No food for me

Question 4/10
When you have an appointment, how do you remember it?
Write it on a desk calendar.
Write it on a sticky note.
Have a notepad open on my computer.
Write it on a notepad.
Something else.

Question 5/10
Do you have any plants in your work space?
Yes, and they're thriving!
Just one, but it's kind of limp.
I do, but they're all dead.
Nope, I don't need anything else to take care of.

Question 6/10
How many empty coffee cups are on your desk right now?
Just one
Two or three
Don't ask.

Question 7/10
Most people keep photos in their work space. What are yours of?
My family
My friends and I
My pet
My kids or relatives
I don't keep photos

Question 8/10
Which beverages (or empty containers for beverages) are on your desk?
Water bottles
Energy drinks
Something else

Question 9/10
How many computer screens do you have (including tablets and laptops)?

Question 10/10
What kind of knick-knacks do you have in your office?
Greeting cards
Stress ball
Zen garden
Your office space says that you're a total control freak! Everything has a rightful place on your desk. That's just the way you like it. No one is going to find trash or dirty mugs littering your space. In fact, it's a controlled minimalist dream. You like to know where everything is and what everything does. Your space is truly your domain.

You're A Control Freak.
Your office space is saying that you hate rules! That's right, you've got a real disdain for rules and authority. Sure, you've had to grow up and go with the flow, but your desk is still as vibrant and all over the place as you are. Candy, old mugs, and energy drinks are just all part of the decor. Your space truly says, "I hate the rules!"

You Hate Rules.
Your office space says that you're very spontaneous! Not only is your desk calendar notably absent, but your space is filled with little relics from your various adventures. Photos from trips, random souvenirs, and candy can all be found on your desk. You don't care much for order or organization, because you believe life was meant to be lived with a bit of chaos!

You're Spontaneous.
Your office space says that you like routine! Let's face it, you keep your office space pretty clean and neat. While it's hardly a Marie Kondo type affair, it's very well organized. This shows that you like routine. You like to plan ahead and you're not one for surprises. Even your desk needs to be a place of comfort and familiarity, much like your space at home.

You Like Routine.
Your office space says that you crave stability! Hey, most of us just want a bit of stability, which is why your desk is loaded up with creature comforts. You want your space to be homey and cozy, a little slice of your own space right at work. That's why there's plenty of family photos, lots of nick knacks, and even a few plants. You want a space that reflects your stable and grounded nature.

You Crave Stability.