What Is The Bright Side In Your Personality?

Are you an optimistic person or a caring person?

Question 1/10
Which of these things make you happiest?
Dreaming of changing the world
Creating new things
Spending time with loved ones
Learning new things

Question 2/10
When you make a decision, what do you usually base it on?
How I can benefit
How I will affect the enviroment around me
How it will make others feel

Question 3/10
What do you tend to do when you're upset?
Channel it into my work or exercise
Be alone with my thoughts
Talk to others
Express my creativity

Question 4/10
What do you believe the first rule of friendship is?
Focus on each other's positives and not their flaws
Protect them
Have compassion

Question 5/10
What would you rather be known for?
Being open-minded
Being generous
Being an inspiration
I'm not sure

Question 6/10
How do you usually act in an unpredictable and surprising situation?
I'm not too sure actually

Question 7/10
Would you say you're a pessimistic or optimistic person?
A bit of both

Question 8/10
How big would you say your friend group is?
Just one best friend
A couple close friends
A big group of friends

Question 9/10
Which details are you most likely to pick up on?
Body language or facial expressions
Patterns and shapes
I look at the big picture

Question 10/10
What makes you most dependable in a stressful situation?
My optimism
My mental strength
My advice/gut instincts
You're someone who is a passionate and caring person and that makes you pretty unforgettable. You're a dependable person who will always be there to support or listen to a person in need

You are an outgoing and warm person who will easily chat up anyone you meet. You're great at making friends and keeping friends close for many years.

You are a warm and unique person who is rather remarkable. When people meet you, they rarely forget you. You inspire others to do better in the world.

You are a bubbly and cheerful person who's guaranteed to brighten up anyone's day. Even in the most chaotic of events, you can be found with a positive attitude and calm demeanor.