What Is The Most Romantic Thing A Man Could Do For You?

What would just make you swoon?

Question 1/10
How important is romance in your life?
Very important
It's pretty important
It's not that important

Question 2/10
Would you prefer a simple or extravagant gesture?
It doesn't matter

Question 3/10
Your dating experiences have been:

Question 4/10
Which trait do you wish for in a man?

Question 5/10
When would you like your man to surprise you?
At a totally random time
After a long day
When I'm upset
I'm not sure

Question 6/10
You tell your partner:
Whatever he wants to hear
Enough to get what I want
I don't tell him much
It depends

Question 7/10
How often do you need to go on dates?
Every night
At least once a week
Once a month
Once every few months
Whenever we find the time

Question 8/10
Does your romantic gesture need to be expensive?
Not at all
Yes it does
I don't mind either way

Question 9/10
Do you get embarrassed easily?
Yes I do
It depends
No I don't

Question 10/10
How long have you been with your man?
Less than a year
1-3 years
4-9 years
10 years or more
I'm not with anyone currently
You don't need a big gesture to show romance and the surprise of him wrapping his arms around you would be perfect for you. It's a little surprise that shows you that he's got you and you can't help but feel warm and protected.

Hug You From Behind
It's a rather thoughtful and sweet gesture when a guy calls you before bed. It shows he's thinking of you even before he goes to bed and he wants to hear your voice one last time for the day.

Call You Before Bed
There would be nothing better than coming home after a long day and seeing that he prepared you two a romantic dinner. You'll feel quite loved and appreciated looking at the lit candles and seeing the delicious food he prepared for you.

Cooks You A Romantic Dinner
You like little cheesy gestures and nothing would be better than a romantic poem he wrote you. You would feel quite loved as you read his feelings he tried writing out.

Write You A Poem
Sometimes there are things you really want but you just can't afford it. You probably put it out of your mind but your man doesn't and instead surprises you with the things you've always wanted.

Surprise You With Something You Really Want