What Is Your American Dream?

Many think of the American dream as being able to do whatever makes you happy, becoming rich, and having freedom. Of course, that's not all that the American dream represents. Take this quiz to find out what your American dream is.

Question 1/10
What is your status for living in the US?
I live in the US and I want to stay here
I live in the US but I want to move
I don't live in the US but I want to
I don't live in the US and I don't want to

Question 2/10
Whether you can vote or not, who would you pick to win the American election?
Hilary Clinton
Donald Trump
Bernie Sanders/ another third party member

Question 3/10
What is the best thing about the US?
The people
The freedom
The opportunity

Question 4/10
Should everyone be treated equally?
It depends

Question 5/10
Is being rich important to you?
A little bit

Question 6/10
Should all countries be like the US?
No, but they should be like another country
No, they should all be unique

Question 7/10
Should the US change anything about the way it is run?
The economy shouldn't be capitalist
There should be more than two political parties
Everyone should be more equal
Something else should change
All of the above
Nothing should change

Question 8/10
Which is the most important American virtue?
Having family values
Hard work
Having freedom and equal opportunity

Question 9/10
Are you willing to work hard to get what you want?
It depends on how bad I want something

Question 10/10
Do you love the US?
I like it
Your American dream is to be able to rise to the top of your career, be a successful business person, or to make it rich through luck or hard work. You want to be the best you can be, or at least the wealthiest that you can be. Good luck!

Being Rich Is Your American Dream
Your American dream is to have the opportunity to do whatever you want, while still being able to turn down doing the things that you don't want to do. You want to be free to make your own choices, and for others to make their own choices as well. You want to live in a place where everyone is free to have a choice.

Having Unlimitied Opportunity Is Your American Dream
You think that democracy is working out great for the United States, and you just wish that every country could have the same thing. Your American dream is to see democracy spread around the world. In your eyes, the world would be a better place if every country was like the good old USA.

Spreading Democracy Is Your American Dream
You want to live in a place where everyone can be treated equally. Ideally, race, gender, politcal party, sexual orientation, and everything else shouldn't make someone better or worse than someone else. You want to live somewhere where everyone can be free to be themselves. While the USA isn't quite there yet, it has the potential to be.

Equality Is Your American Dream
You understand that the USA isn't the best place in the world to live in, but you wish that it could be. Your American dream is for people to want to move to America, for people to be treated equally and with respect, and for everyone to be able to feel safe and free. Maybe one day America could be the way it is in your American dream.

Change Is Your American Dream