What Is Your Emotional Type?

Deep down, whatever your emotional type is, affects your personality. Which one is yours?

Question 1/10
What is the one thing that always touches your heart?
A bitter sweet story
Family reunions
Seeing others achieve their dreams
Helping out people in need

Question 2/10
How do you act approached with an accusation?
Just ignore them and go about your business
Try to hide the fact that you may cry
Get angry and defensive
Calmly explain your side

Question 3/10
When in the presence of someone new, what do you do?
Keep to yourself
Try to make small talk
Fidget around uncomfortably
Politely acknowledge each other's presence

Question 4/10
Pick a career
Sports instructor

Question 5/10
Which of these embarrasses you the most?
Humiliating yourself in public
Messing up a public speech
Getting the facts wrong in an argument
None of these

Question 6/10
What do you think your greatest trait is?
My kindness
My logic
My empathy
My ability to listen well

Question 7/10
You find a lost puppy who seems to have no home, what do you do?
Affectionately coddle it and bring it home
Call an animal center to get it help
Start asking people around you if it's theirs

Question 8/10
You're out and about all day and when you get home, you realize you lost your prized necklace! What do you do?
Backtrack your steps
Start crying, afriad you'll never get it back
Call your friends to ask for help finding it
Pace around, looking in the general area

Question 9/10
What would be your biggest fear?
Being alone forever
Never achieving your dreams
Never being understood
To lose someone you love

Question 10/10
Quick, make a wish!
I wish for happiness and well-being
I wish to be able to achieve great things
I wish to be able to live and peaceful life
I wish for my life to be filled with fun times
With such a bright mind, you analyze the world with rational thought. While comfortable in your won mind, you sometimes struggle with your emotions.

The Intellectual And Intense Thinker
This emotional type, without word, is the most sensitive. You are highly tuned to every emotion around you, sometimes to the extreme.

The Empath
One of the most dependable and consistent people out there. While people in your surrounding can express emotions without fear of judgement, you have a harder time doing so.

The Strong And Silent
You wear your hear on your sleeve. You love sharing what's on your mind with people around you and can easily back bounce from negativity.

Emotionally Attentive