What Is Your Favorite Question To Ask Men?

What do you like to know about them?

Question 1/10
Which trait is most important for a man to have?
Sense of adventure

Question 2/10
Do you ever think it's too early to ask certain questions such as children?
Of course
I think it's okay to ask at any time
It depends

Question 3/10
Would you consider yourself a passionate person?
Yes I would
Not really
Not at all

Question 4/10
Do you like traveling?
Yes I do
Not at all

Question 5/10
Do you have any children?
Yes I do
No I don't and I don't want any
No but I would like some

Question 6/10
Do you believe looks or personality is more important?
Both are important

Question 7/10
Do you want a man who's ambitious?
Of course
Not really
It's not important to me

Question 8/10
What is your relationship status?
In a relationship
It's complicated

Question 9/10
What was your longest relationship?
Less than a year
1-4 years
5-8 years
9-14 years
15 years or more

Question 10/10
Do you believe opposites attract?
Of course
Maybe but it depends
Not at all
While it may be quite obvious why you're asking this question, you like to know. You want to know if you match what the guy is looking for or if he has totally unrealistic expectations.

What Is Your Type Of Girl?
While this question may come off a bit clingy or it may be asked too soon, you like to know what his ideas are. You don't want to date someone for the long haul if they have different ideals about kids than you have.

Do You Like Kids?
You want to know if the man has any ambitions or dreams or if he's just a slacker. You don't want a man who has no goals and won't get anywhere in life. You want a man who will be as successful and ambitious as you.

What Are Your Goals In Life?
You want to know what a man likes in life and if you two will mesh well. You don't want to be with someone who has drastically different passions and then you'll have nothing to talk about.

What Are Your Passions?
You want to know if the guy you're talking to enjoys traveling or not. You want to know if you have the same ideals because you wouldn't want to be someone who doesn't share them. It wouldn't be pleasant if you always wanted to travel but he hated it.

Do You Like To Travel?