What Is Your Female Superpower?

Every woman has a superpower that is all her own! Not only does being a woman automatically mean you're awesome, but it also means you have some killer powers. Want to know what your female superpower is? Start the quiz!

Question 1/10
With great power comes great ______.

Question 2/10
Would you describe yourself as an outgoing person?

Question 3/10
You get a day off from work. How do you spend it?
A glass of wine and a book.
Catching up on work.
Shopping or running errands.
Meeting up with a friend.
Taking time for me.

Question 4/10
Which of these is most likely to make you cry tears of joy?
Getting a raise.
A random compliment.
A nice card.
An unexpected gift.
Having someone clean the house.

Question 5/10
Do you prefer the city or the country?
The city
The country
The suburbs
It depends on the day

Question 6/10
What's your favorite part of your body?
My arms
My legs
My hands
My mind
My hips

Question 7/10
When do you feel the strongest?
When I overcome an obstacle.
When I prove others wrong.
When I do something for me.
When I help someone out.
When I try something new.

Question 8/10
What role do you play most often?
All of the above

Question 9/10
How fast do you walk?
I walk faster than most.
I walk an average pace.
I walk pretty slow.

Question 10/10
Who or what inspires you to be your best?
My family
The women who came before me
My favorite celebs
My boss
I inspire me!
Your female superpower is being totally bulletproof! As a woman, you're constantly told how much you should weigh, what you should wear, and how you should behave. Despite all of this negativity, you soldier on without a care. You don't let anything get in the way of what you want or who you are!

You're Bulletproof!
Your female superpower is being a shapeshifter! As a woman, you can definitely do it all. Whether you're putting on your mother hat or being the boss of a big company, you an easily shape shift into whatever role is required of you. Much like a chameleon, you know how to behave in every situation and fill any role that needs the touch of a woman like you!

You're A Shape Shifter!
Your female superpower is being a mindreader! You know what those closest to you are thinking without them ever even speaking a word. You can tell exactly how someone is feeling and what to do to make them feel better. You're keen on body language and have a true knack for reading others!

You're A Mind Reader!
Your female superpower is that you can heal yourself! As a naturally compassionate and empathetic woman, you have the incredible power to heal your own wounds and learn from the challenges you overcome. Your kindness and warmth are your greatest strength!

You Can Heal Yourself!
Your female superpower is that you can see through others! You're whip smart, emotionally intelligent, and truly keen on other people. Much like a psychic with a crystal ball, you can see right through others and discern their exact intentions. You're not someone to be messed with!

You Can See Through Others!