What Is Your Hidden Talent?

Have you ever wondered what talents you might have, that you aren't even aware of? There are all kinds of talents that aren't always obvious to us, but everyone has some special skill to unlock. Are you ready to discover your true potential? Answer these questions to find your hidden talent!

Question 1/10
Do you write in a diary (or blog) regularly?
No, but I did when I was younger.
No, it's never been my thing.
Yes, pretty often if not everyday.

Question 2/10
If you were in New York City, which attraction would you visit first?
The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
A Broadway play.
A historic walking tour.
The New York Stock Exchange.

Question 3/10
You're on your way to a birthday party, but can't find the gift you had bought. What do you do?
Make another gift myself.
I go to the party and just explain what happened.
I know I would be able to find it if I retraced my steps.

Question 4/10
Do you tend to bottle up your feelings?
Yes, I keep it all in.
No, I let it all out.
I'm not very emotional, so it's never a problem.

Question 5/10
Imagine you're on stage in front of 100 people. How do you feel?
Intrigued - how did I get here!?

Question 6/10
If your boss asked you to present your latest project, how would you go about it?
Put together graphs and diagrams.
Totally own it - make a presentation and tell everyone about my work.
Write a lengthy report and hand it in.

Question 7/10
You just bought a new house! Which task are you most excited for?
Decorating and arranging furniture.
Renovating old or broken features.
Being done with all the work so I can throw a housewarming party!

Question 8/10
Which accomplishment would you like to be remembered for?
Discovering a new planet.
Becoming a world leader.
Winning an Academy Award.

Question 9/10
Which career sounds the most desirable?
World-travelling photojournalist.
A professor at an Ivy League school.
TV news anchor.

Question 10/10
If you get lost while driving, what's the best solution?
Check a map (paper or digital).
Ask the GPS to guide me.
Ask another driver for help.
Your hidden talent is: you can solve mysteries! Do you watch a lot of Sherlock? Either way, your analytical skills and keen sense of perception make you true detective material. Even if you don't want to go out and solve crimes, you'll be good at anything that involves putting clues together.

You Can Solve Mysteries!
Your hidden talent is: you're an artist! You have a masterpiece in you just waiting to be put on paper (or canvas, screen, or anywhere you can imagine). You have an eye for aesthetics and would also make a great graphic, interior, or fashion designer. You're good at recognizing beauty in any form, and you're open to letting the creativity flow. When is the last time you created something?

You're An Artist!
Your hidden talent is: you're a performer! You have the ability to entrance people, whether it's by singing, dancing, acting, acrobatics, or anything else where you're captivating an audience. Have you thought about getting on stage or maybe even making your own YouTube channel? You'd be a star!

You're A Performer!
Your hidden talent is: persuasion! Did you know that you can convince anyone to do just about anything? This talent makes you perfect for leadership positions, public speaking, politics...have you considered running for office? Maybe you should!

Your hidden talent is: you're a poet! Have you tried putting your feelings into words, then onto paper? If not, you might want to try it. You have a feel for the rhythm of words and you're in touch with your emotional side. You don't have to be the next Emily Dickinson to write beautiful words - but who knows, maybe you are.