What Is Your Jane Austen Name?

The witty and well paced novels of Jane Austen have long been a favorite of book lovers everywhere! Her iconic heroines and heroes still hold a place in modern literature. If you were to have a Jane Austen themed name, what would it be? What would your name say about you? Let's take a trip back in literary time to find out!

Question 1/10
If you were to go back in time to the 1800s, what modern convenience would you miss the most?
My cell phone
Cable TV
My Keurig
Air travel

Question 2/10
What most attracts you to another person?
Their style
Their wit
Their intelligence
Their breeding stock
Their looks

Question 3/10
What would you do to pass the time while traveling by carriage or train?
I'd read a book, obviously.
I'd sketch in my notepad.
I'd chit-chat.
I'd stare out the window and daydream.
I'd drink heavily.

Question 4/10
How would you describe your personal style?
Trendy and fashion forward.
Femine and frilly.
Bohemian and free.
Classic and traditional.
Sporty and comfortable.

Question 5/10
In most relationships, your partner would describe you as being very....

Question 6/10
Choose a sport or game to take up:
Lawn bowling
I don't like sports...

Question 7/10
On a scale of 1 to 10, how fancy are you?
I'm about as fancy as they come.
I'm kind of fancy.
I'm fancier than average.
I'm not very fancy at all.

Question 8/10
What's your signature scent?
Whatever I just ate.
Chanel of course!

Question 9/10
Which do you fear most?
Dying an old maid.
Not meeting my goals.
Not traveling enough!
Disappointing my parents.
Not having enough fun!

Question 10/10
Where did you grow up?
New England
The South
The Midwest
The Northeast
You’re Jane Austen name is ‘William Fitzsimmons!’ Rich, dashing and a total catch. You’re the apple of every eligible bachelorette’s eye. You have expensive taste and can easily be described as a hopeless romantic. When you’re not wooing the fairer sex, you’re horseback riding, wine tasting or simply enjoying the finer things in life!

William Fitzsimmons
Your Jane Austen name is ‘Alicia Walfingham!’ You come from a long line of old money, always getting what you want and never feeling deprived of anything. You have a sharp tongue and a big attitude. To say you’re a bit opinionated is an understatement. You know what you like, what you want, and how to get your way!

Alicia Walfingham
Your Jane Austen name is ‘Elizabeth Bridgman!’ Sweet, demure and always eager to please. You hate to step on toes or overstep your boundaries. You’re deeply romantic and feminine. You live to daydream about your future romances and all the lovely things that will come with that one great love!

Elizabeth Bridgman
Your Jane Austen name is ‘Patience Wynn!’ Strong, independent and always willing to go against the grain. Though it may not have been popular back in the day, you pride yourself on being a true feminist to the core. While you do believe in love and romance, you’re not one to lay down your own needs or wants for any man!

Patience Wynn
Your Jane Austen name is 'Christiana Fuller!'A true beauty who turns heads in every room you enter. People can’t help but feel drawn into your world. A lover of books, art, music and fashion; you truly are a world of wonder. Others marvel at your well rounded and beautiful personality!

Christiana Fuller