What Is Your Main Rule In Life?

What do you follow for a happier life?

Question 1/10
When facing a challenging problem, you are more likely to:
Keep at it no matter what
Make the problem simpler and easier to solve
Just have faith
Try to stay calm

Question 2/10
In high school, were you more likely to have received an award for:
Most likely to succeed
Most popular
Most Kind-hearted
Most carefree
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
When tackling a challenge in your life, how important is it to stay positive and hopeful?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not that Important
Not at all Important

Question 4/10
Do you believe that every problem has a solution, and every bad situation has a positive?
Yes I do
No I don't

Question 5/10
Are you more likely to receive comments at work about:
Your nice, clean desk
Your messy and cluttered office

Question 6/10
When shopping, do you make a list beforehand, or do you just wait til you get there to see what you need?
I make a list
I wait until I get there

Question 7/10
Your friend received some bad news and is pretty upset. Would you try to make them laugh to comfort them?
No I wouldn't
Yes I would

Question 8/10
Do you believe laughter is the best medicine?
Yes I do
Sometimes it is
No I don't

Question 9/10
How charitable would you describe yourself as being?
Very charitable
Somewhat charitable
Not very charitable

Question 10/10
You meet an old high school bully and find that they're down on their luck. Do you forgive and forget? Or did they get what they deserved?
I forgive
They deserved it
You live by the rule “never give up”. You believe that persistence and hard work are the keys to a happy and fulfilling life.

Never Give Up
You live by the rule “have faith”. You believe that good things do come to those that wait, and that every cloud has a silver lining!

Have Faith
You live by the rule “keep it simple”. You believe that some things in life are too complicated, and that simplification can often be the key to happiness.

Keep It Simple
You live by the rule “don’t take life too seriously”. You find that laughter is the best medicine, and you try to find humor in dark times.

Don't Take Life Seriously
You live by the rule “treat others as you’d like to be treated”. You believe that kindness is a virtuous thing, and try to treat everybody with respect and tolerance.

Treat Others How You'd Like To Be Treated