What Is Your Past Saying About You?

Through the years, you've lived a lot. You've had relationships, made important decisions, and maybe even had your heart broken. Take this quiz to see what your past is saying about you.

Question 1/10
Do you enjoy the little things?
I don't see the point
I don't know

Question 2/10
How do you sleep?
Like a baby
I am troubled by nightmares?
I have a difficult time falling asleep
None of these

Question 3/10
How would you describe your childhood?
A little of both
I don't know

Question 4/10
When is the last time you spoke with your high school best friend?
Less than a week ago
A few months ago
Over a year ago
Not since graduation
I don't remember

Question 5/10
Do you fight fair?
I don't know

Question 6/10
When is the last time you fell in love?
Sometime this year
A few years ago
A long time ago
I don't remember

Question 7/10
How often do you drink?
Too much
Every now and then
It depends

Question 8/10
What phrase best describes your last break up?
Mutual and cordial
One sided
Long overdue
None of these

Question 9/10
Weddings make you feel...
None of these

Question 10/10
How often do you take time to reminisce?
You hold onto things too much. You need to learn that when you fail to forgive, you are causing yourself hurt. When you forgive and forget, you become empowered to make a positive change in your life. Your past is saying that you need to learn to let go.

You need to learn to let go
You have been too busy envying those around you to notice what you have been blessed with. As the saying goes, "the grass is always greener on the other side". You need to stop peering over the fence at what others have in both possessions and relationships. Once you take the time to count your blessings, you will be amazed at how much you have been given. Your past is telling you that you need to be grateful.

You need to learn to be grateful
You would rather go with a mediocre known than take a change to experience something really great all because you are afraid that it might not work out. This goes for all aspects of your life from career to relationships. It's time for you to break free from the norm and take a chance. Your past is telling you that you need to stop fearing change.

You need to stop fearing change
You can't stop thinking about the one that got away. This could be your first teenage crush or that smiling stranger who you were too shy to introduce yourself to. Stop regretting what could have been. Your past is telling you that you need to reconnect with a past flame.

You need to reconnect with a past flame
You have been stuck in a rut for too long. It's time for you to break free from the responsibilities and relationships that are holding you back. If you don't do it now, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Your past is telling you that you need a fresh start.

You need a fresh start